We fully agree with Vijai Sardesai, says Fatorda bloc congress committee

03 Feb 2022 | 06:31 IST

We fully agree with Vijai Sardesai, says Fatorda bloc congress committee

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FATORDA: The Goa Forward Party (GFP) and the Congress have sworn to respect the will of the people to dismiss the dictatorial Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Speaking to the media, the incumbent Fatorda Block Congress President Yogesh Nagvekar said, “The most important and credible factor in these elections is the Goa team. The BJP has only been indulging in scams, especially the employment scam, which affects young people. The massive rise in prices and the collapse of the market are due to their bad policies. The BJP must be sent home. Many parties have imported into Goa from Delhi, Kolkata etc. but they are only here to split the votes. Only Team Goa, Congress and GFP, can deliver Goa from the clutches of the anti-people BJP and govern Goa as the Goans want.

Bloc President Chidambar Chanekar and Vice President Niaz Ahmed were also present on the occasion. Chanekar called on all Fatordekars not to fall prey to gifts and false promises and to support Vijai Sardesai. Ahmed pointed out that it was the duty of every true Congressman and Congressman to support Sardesai in Fatorda and elect him with a huge margin.

GFP Chairman Vijai Sardesai thanked the Fatorda bloc’s congress committee for adhering to the alliance’s “dharma” and supporting Team Goa.

“I promise them and all the people of Goa that I will ensure that a Congress led government is in power for the next 5 years. People should compare the new Congress which has presented 75 % new faces in these elections, in the BJP, almost 50% of whose candidates are defectors or from families of defectors, that’s why I’m sure that with this Congress, all the garbage of which has gone to the BJP , the GFP will stay together for 5 years and give Goa a government that will listen and work for the people of Goa I will not only work to get my candidates elected but I will also visit the constituencies of Congress candidates to work for their victory This pre-poll alliance is a manifestation of my vision for Team Goa and we have made sacrifices for it.Today I visited Ponda where GFP had a strong candidate in Dada Naik.But Dada and I have jointly ann enced our support for Congress candidate Rajesh Verekar. Both Congress and the GFP follow the “dharma” of the alliance and will adhere to post-poll expectations. We will be together for the next 5 years. This pre-election alliance was what I was looking for 5 years ago, but, as Digvijay Singh tweeted some time ago, the opportunist Luizinho Faleiro sabotaged every chance to prevent the BJP from getting to the to be able to. The same Luizinho has now dropped out of Congress and sold out to a party in Kolkata. But this time it’s different. We Congress and GFP stand together for Goa, and we will win and form a pro-people government to save Goa for future generations,” Sardesai said.

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