Virtual Slugfest in Cong for Siddaramaiah’s Birthday

There appears to be a virtual brawl in Congress between those organizing leader Siddaramaiah’s 75th birthday party and those calling it a ‘cult of personality’, with the head of his welcoming committee HC Mahadevappa saying on Thursday that none of the organizers were ”toad-eaters”.

The former minister clarified that the celebration was not organized by the Congress or under its symbol, but by the supporters, friends, supporters and workers of the party of the former chief minister.

Siddaramaiah’s supporters and sympathizers, including several senior congressional leaders and former ministers, are holding a massive convention in Davangere on August 3, which is also seen as a show of force by his camp, as he turns 75, ahead of the of 2023 the polls.

Several former party guards, including state congress leader DK Shivakumar, are said to be uncomfortable at the party, which is likely to be attended by national leader Rahul Gandhi, as they believe it is aimed at throwing Siddaramaiah.

”I don’t know who is saying what, but none of us in the committee (Siddaramaiah-75 Amrut Mahotsava committee) who are responsible for organizing this celebration are either toad eaters or followers of personality cult. We strongly believe in the Constitution and follow Ambedkarism,” Mahadevappa said in response to a question.

Speaking to reporters here, he said everyone was fully aware that indulging in a personality cult or being a toad eater would pave the way for dictatorial politics.

“The celebration is not organized to glorify Siddaramaiah,” he said, recalling that the leader of the Congress Legislative Party was a farmer, a farmer-activist, a socialist, a morality fighter, a language activist, an economist being Minister of Finance, and the Chief Minister who kept promises made to the people.

The comments came a day after Shivakumar’s brother and Bengaluru Rural MP DK Suresh openly expressed concern over the cult of personality in the party during the pre-anniversary meeting and warned that he shouldn’t send a ‘bad message’ before the Assembly polls.

Former Party Chairman and former Deputy Chief Minister Parameshwara also said that the Congress is a party that has flag bearers from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and the celebration should demonstrate our commitment to the party. “There should be no room for doubt or suspicion. “Shivakumar and Siddaramaiah harbor the chief ministerial ambition in case the party comes to power.

Calling Siddaramaiah an honest, efficient and effective politician and administrator, Mahadevappa said the birthday party was meant to encourage young people, leaders like his who are committed to secularism and equality, and not to engage in any type of personality cult.

“In fact, Siddaramaiah hadn’t given the go-ahead for this party for a long time…but as he completes 75 years and 40 years of political life, which is an important and exemplary milestone for all, and he there’s nothing else in it…” he said, adding that there was no intention to send another message or embarrass the party or anyone.

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