The numbers add up for The Hague to host the 2027 International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics

The The Hague, in the Netherlands, was chosen to host the International Congress of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM). Organizers expect 3,500 delegates to attend.

The quadrennial congress is organized by the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and brings together experts from all fields of mathematics to advance the applications of the discipline in all regions of the world.

The Netherlands is a leader in the field of industrial mathematics, due to a large number of research laboratories and international organizations spread across the country. In addition, the Netherlands hosts many European industrial doctorate programs related to industrial mathematics.

Kees Vuik, Professor at Delft University of Technology and Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics, said: “The transfer of knowledge and expertise between applied mathematics and the industrial community is one of our priorities given the presence of a solid network in Europe. I am therefore delighted that the Board of Directors has decided to organize ICIAM 2027 in the Netherlands. This congress will give new impetus to the industrial and applied mathematics community, here and across Europe.

Bas Schot, Head of The Hague Congress Office, added: “This is a new opportunity for us to demonstrate our position as a world leader in the organization of international congresses and events. As a global hub for research, industry and mathematics, we are uniquely positioned to deliver not only the congress, but also the broader support of our local partners and stakeholders, all of whom make up the economy of the world. incredibly powerful knowledge of The Hague.

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