The Library Publishing Coalition (LPC) publishes the 2022 Directory of Library Publishing

Of PLC station:

The Library Publishing Coalition is pleased to announce the publication of the 2022 Library Publishing Directory! This year’s online, print, PDF and EPUB versions of Library edit directory highlight the editorial activities of 145 academic and research libraries.

The Directory illustrates the many ways libraries are actively transforming and advancing scholarly communications in partnership with scholars, students, university presses and others. Each year, the Introduction to the Yearbook presents a “State of the Field” based on that year’s data, which we also publish in a related publication. blogging.

The 2022 Phone book continues our partnership with the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) Library Publishing Special Interest Group (LibPub SIG) and includes international entries, translated by IFLA members LibPub SIG. Libraries that chose to complete the full survey appear in the online, print, PDF and EPUB versions of the Phone book. Those who chose to respond to the shorter survey will only appear in the IFLA LibPub SIG’s map of global library publishing initiatives.

We are also pleased to announce that the associated research dataset, first published last year in collaboration with the PLC Research Committee, has been updated to include 2022 Directory data.

Publication of 2022 Phone book was overseen by the PLC Steering Committee:

Library Publishing Coalition Directory Committee
Perry Collins, University of Florida, President
Ian Harmon, West Virginia University
Karen Stoll Farrell, Indiana University
Nicholas Wojcik, University of Oklahoma

IFLA Special Interest Group Subcommittee on Library Publishing
Grace Liu (Canada)
Ann Okerson (USA)


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