The International Congress of Mathematicians will be held in the summer of 2022 in St. Petersburg


Newswise — A press conference dedicated to the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) was held on February 7 at the TASS Press Center (St. Petersburg). The Congress will be held in St. Petersburg from July 6 to 14, 2022. It is the most important world meeting in the field of fundamental and applied mathematics. Russia is hosting the Congress for the second time — in 1966 it was held in Moscow.

The conference was opened by Arkady Dvorkovich, co-chairman of the executive organizing committee (EOC) of the International Congress of Mathematicians, president of the Skolkovo Foundation. “In 2018, Russia won the right to host the International Congress of Mathematicians in a strong competition. The opponents were worthy, first of all France. Of course, this choice indicates the recognition of the merits of Russia and the Russian mathematicians, our mathematical school all over the world”, commented Arkady Dvorkovich. He added that the International Congress of Mathematicians will be held right after the Year of Science and Technology in Russia and will mark the beginning of the Decade of science and technology.” It seems to us that Russia will be able to really unite mathematicians from all over the world at this Congress, showing both its hospitality and its ability to organize such events, erasing the political borders which, unfortunately exist in the world today,” Arkady said. Dvorkovich concluded his speech.

The Vice-Governor of Saint Petersburg, Vladimir Knyaginin, noted the five most important responsibilities of Saint Petersburg in the organization of the Congress: health security, transport and infrastructure, media support, the cultural program, as well as guest accommodation. Saint Petersburg has extensive experience in holding large-scale international events, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizers note that the venues of EXPOFORUM, the largest convention and exhibition center in St. Petersburg where the ICM will take place, will be fully ready to welcome guests.

The Deputy Governor assured that the organizers will take the necessary measures to ensure the health safety of the participants, and will also do everything possible for a comfortable stay of the guests in Russia. The possibility of entering Russia without a visa, as well as a rich cultural program, will play an important role in this. In addition, participants will have a variety of scientific events to attend – a large number of specialized satellite events will take place in different cities of Russia from March 1 to September 1, 2022

“It is an honor for us to host the International Congress of Mathematicians in St. Petersburg. It is not only an important international event that will take place in our city, but also an incentive for the further development of our schools of mathematics , a way to establish professional ties and strengthen existing ones,” commented Vladimir Knyaginin.

Executive Deputy Co-Chairman of the ICM Organizing Committee, 2010 Fields Medalist, Scientific Director of the Chebyshev Laboratory and the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of St. Petersburg State University Stanislav Smirnov and member of the EOC, member of the Executive Committee of the International Mathematical Union, 2006 Fields Medalist Andrei Okohunknown spoke about the scientific program of the Congress, the participants and the importance of the Congress for the world mathematical community. According to Stanislav Smirnov, the ICM is the oldest and largest scientific congress, which has been held every 4 years since 1897. At present, more than 5,000 participants from 144 countries have already registered for the congress. The leaders in the number of registrations are Russia, India, China, Brazil, Italy, Argentina and the United States.

During the Congress, about 30 one-hour plenary lectures and about 200 section reports will take place. “And it’s not just mathematics, but also many adjacent fields. The Congress covers areas ranging from physics to computer science,” Stanislav Smirnov said.

“In more than a hundred years of congresses, this is only the second time it has been held in Russia. Therefore, it is impossible to overestimate the importance of the fact that the best mathematicians on the planet come to us in Saint Petersburg. This is an absolutely exceptional chance, especially for our talented youth, to see the whole panorama of modern mathematics, as well as an exceptional chance to rekindle the ties between our mathematical and international communities”, underlined Andrey Okounkov.

The importance of the Congress as an incentive for young people was also underlined by Elena Bunina, Member of the Organizing Committee, CEO of Yandex Russia, Professor at Moscow State University: “Holding the International Congress mathematicians will increase the attractiveness of science in the country and create an environment conducive to the emergence of new scholars and researchers. Elena Bunina noted that, according to opinion polls, the attractiveness of science is growing in Russia, and more and more parents approve of their children’s decision to start a career in research. This is why the time has come to popularize science in particular and mathematics in general.

Vice-Rector for Strategic Development and Partnership of Saint Petersburg State University Anastasia Yarmosh noted the crucial role played by St. Petersburg State University in the organization and holding of the Congress. The University is one of the flagships of Russian mathematical education – more than 3,000 students study mathematics at St. Petersburg State University now, and since 2015 the majority of winners are there of the Russian and international mathematical Olympiads choose to go . In addition, 100 days before the Congress, St. Petersburg State University will launch a mathematical relay – mathematical centers around the world will pass a symbolic torch that will travel around the world and return to St. Petersburg at the beginning of the an event.

Director of Public Relations of CIM and Director of Public Relations of Skoltech Oksana Kurilova closed the press conference. She said that Russian and international media representatives can already obtain accreditation to the Congress – this option is available on the event’s website. Applications for accreditation close June 10. Additionally, the Congress Organizing Committee invites youth 18 and older to participate in the event as volunteers – applications can be submitted until March 1.

Additional information:

The International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) will be held in 2022 from July 6 to 14 in Saint Petersburg (Russia) by decision of the International Mathematical Union. The implementation of the Congress is included in the national “Sciences and universities” project. Holding the Congress in Russia aims to strengthen the integration of international mathematical centers into the global scientific community and attract new Russian and foreign partners to cooperate. It is the most important meeting in the field of fundamental and applied mathematics in the world and one of the oldest scientific congresses.

The first ICM took place in 1897 in Zurich (Switzerland). The aim of the ICM is to represent the widest possible spectrum of modern mathematics, including all scientific disciplines and schools of mathematics from different geographical regions, and thus to determine the future direction of mathematics. ICM lecturers are top mathematicians, able to present trends in modern research to a wide audience. The CIM program includes a very wide range of activities, including plenary and guest lectures, panel discussions, public lectures, public education activities, short presentations, poster presentations, and more. Moreover.

An important part of the ICM are the IMU award ceremonies. The Fields Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Mathematics, considered the highest honor in mathematics, as well as the first IMU Abacus Medal, marking pioneering contributions to scientific computing and the mathematical aspects of computer science, will be awarded at the ceremony. opening of the ICM2022. No less important are the Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize, the Chern Medal, the Leelavati Prize and the Emmy Noether Lecture. For the first time, the Ladyzhenskaya Medal will be awarded at ICM2022.

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