The International Congress and Convention Association and the city of Kaohsiung sign the Kaohsiung Protocol


ICCA – The International Congress and Convention Association jointly announced with the city of Kaohsiung, the framework of the Kaohsiung Protocol as the main legacy of the 59th ICCA Congress. We are reimagining the future of world events and it all starts here. This year, the ICCA Congress has turned into a hybrid experience like no other. As part of our six-week interactive conference program, the entire ICCA global community connected and explored new ideas, formats and technologies.

Together, we created the “Kaohsiung Protocol”, a participatory framework identifying key trends and key strategies that will allow the international meeting industry to thrive, now and in the future. Trends identified include innovative business models, shared risk, digital restructuring and hybrid events, as well as enhanced engagement and value strategies.ICCA President James Rees says, “It has been a privilege to work with the Kaohsiung City Government and we thank all stakeholders in the host city for their commitment to meet the challenge presented by the global pandemic and to reimagine the ICCA Congress and to build a hybrid event that will act as a ‘live’ case study for the entire event industry and ultimately provide a framework for the future of our association which will be enshrined in the Kaohsiung protocol – a tangible and documented framework that will be the true legacy of this year’s event – and it will resonate with members for years to come. “

The Kaohsiung Protocol Framework is the ICCA’s response to major global trends such as technological advancements, safety and health, and the understanding of the next generations of attendees, all impacting the global events industry. We conclude that it is the duty and privilege of the events industry to contribute to the advancement of society by promoting core values ​​such as the knowledge economy, sustainable development and global connection.

Gregg H. Talley, moderator of the Kaohsiung Protocol working group and CEO of Talley Management Group added, “It is an exciting day to see the Kaohsiung protocol come to fruition with the signing. We have a framework from which members can draw based on feedback from our clients. And we have an exciting way forward on innovative business models, industry collaboration, and advocacy. Our goal was to create a legacy for the Kaohsiung Congress – Mission Accomplished! “

This is a new framework for identifying and prioritizing these important trends and strategies. We call on ICCA members and society at large to refer to the Kaohsiung Protocol Framework in coordinating future development.

CISC CEO Senthil Gopinath: “The main goal of ICCA is to restart our industry in a safe and sustainable manner. The ICCA, the global meeting industry association, has decided to create a framework that will enable and support ICCA members and the wider business events industry to utilize knowledge, best practices and understand new business models ”.

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