The International Battery Recycling Congress is coming to Lyon



Battery recycling, Credit: BeBat

Eleven years after its implementation, the Battery Directive is considered by the European Commission to have yielded positive results in terms of protecting the environment, promoting recycling and improving the functioning of the internal market for batteries and recycled materials.

But many questions remain; for example, how effective will end-of-life battery management be in reducing CO emissions?2 emissions? Can recycled materials ever be a competitive source of active battery materials? Will the review address the real stakeholder concerns posed by the definition of waste and extended producer responsibility for second battery use / life?

Dr Jean-Pol Wiaux, Chairman of the ICBR Steering Committee comments: “A large majority of equipment manufacturers placing batteries on the market have now integrated end-of-life management into their policies. The end-of-life management of the large quantities of critical materials placed on the EU market as active battery materials is an ongoing challenge facing the industry on a daily basis.

ICBR 2019 is the 24th meeting which will review all issues related to waste battery management, including the efficiency of collection and material recovery. Discussions and debates with industry specialists on battery material flows and the role of raw materials in terms of demand and valuation will take place in an international context with speakers and experts from around the world.

Wiaux invites participants to join them in Lyon to develop knowledge of global initiatives on the recycling of end-of-life batteries and of their main economic operators. “It will provide the ideal environment to develop your networking opportunities between specialists and experts in the field of battery recycling. “

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