Summary of Reuters national news in the United States


Below is a summary of briefs from US domestic news.

Biden happy with voter turnout, says reflect quality of party candidates

Joe Biden said on Sunday he was “incredibly pleased” with U.S. election turnout after Democrats took control of the Senate, a major victory for the president as he contemplates his next two years in office. Speaking to reporters in Cambodia ahead of an East Asia summit, Biden said the turnout reflected the quality of the candidates his party was fielding, after Senator Catherine Cortez Masto was up for re-election in Nevada, beating narrowly Republican challenger Adam Laxalt. .

Biden accepts the resignation of top US borders official Magnus

President Joe Biden has accepted the resignation of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Christopher Magnus, the White House said in a statement on Saturday. The statement comes a day after US media said Magnus had been asked to resign or fired in a sign of tension within the Biden administration over a record number of migrant crossings at the US border. -Mexican.

Trump-inspired bids to resume elections in major US states fail

A slate of conspiracy theorists seeking to take over top US polling stations has lost races in battleground states, after months of warnings from election experts and Democrats that their rise could threaten US democracy herself. The final nail in the coffin came Saturday in Nevada, where Republican Jim Marchant, who helped organize candidates under the “America First” banner, lost his bid to become the state’s top election official to the Democrat Cisco Aguilar, according to Edison Research.

US demands 15 years in prison for Elizabeth Holmes for Theranos fraud

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes should spend 15 years in prison and pay $800 million in restitution to defrauded investors in the blood-testing startup, U.S. prosecutors recommended Friday night. The Justice Department’s recommendation, made in a court filing, came as Holmes prepares for sentencing next week.

Democrats defy ‘red wave’ predictions to keep control of Senate, eyes Georgia

Democrats took a victory lap on Sunday after retaining control of the US Senate, defying Republican hopes of a ‘red wave’ in the midterm elections, and turned their attention to Georgia where a runoff could bolster their hold in Congress. Democratic leaders described the better-than-expected performance as a vindication of their platform and a rebuke to electoral denial and right-wing extremist candidates, even as Republicans raced to control the House of Representatives with a handful of key races. still to be called.

Democratic congressional leaders vow to tackle US debt ceiling

Democratic congressional leaders vowed on Sunday to tackle the country’s debt ceiling in coming weeks, saying their party’s election wins gave them leverage even as Republicans pledged a potentially explosive fight . US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have said they will act while President Joe Biden’s Democratic colleagues control both chambers.

Six dead after vintage plane crashes at Texas air show

Six people have died after two vintage military planes collided mid-air on Saturday and crashed in flames into a crowd of thousands who came to watch them fly at a WWII memorial air show in Dallas , officials said on Sunday. No one in the crowd of 4,000 spectators was injured and no names of the victims were released.

Democrats’ big midterm gains threaten Wall Street’s split-government hopes

A stronger-than-expected performance by Democrats in the U.S. midterm elections could force investors to rethink the divided government scenario that many had expected. Democrats retained control of the US Senate, dashing hopes of the “red wave” Republicans expected to lead in the midterm elections. Republicans remain on course to take control of the House of Representatives as officials continue counting ballots, with results expected to become apparent over the next few days.

Pelosi says ‘I will always have influence’ as House check looms

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday it was too early to say whether she would seek to retain her leadership position with control of the chamber after Tuesday’s still-uncertain election, adding that she had no plans to disappear. In a pair of TV interviews, the top Democrat in the US House of Representatives said her party would have a “much brighter” future in the next Congress, given Republicans’ dimmer-than-expected election results. Pelosi said she is focused on her party’s future, not her own, ahead of the House Democrats’ leadership vote on Nov. 30.

US Senate will tackle debt ceiling, Majority Leader Schumer says

The U.S. Senate will have to tackle the country’s debt ceiling in the coming weeks, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Sunday, vowing to tackle it and other major issues in a session. productive” before the end of the current Congress. “The debt ceiling, of course, is something that we have to deal with, and it’s something that we will be looking at over the next few weeks,” the Senate’s top Democrat said at a press conference in New York.

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