Rendi Wagner could be re-elected to SPÖ congress

On Saturday, the SPÖ will meet at Wiener Messe for a Federalist Party conference, where Pamela Rende Wagner is re-elected president for the first time. She has to defend 97.8%, which she achieved three years ago in Wales. However, the party leader only granted the 71% she got in a grassroots confidence vote the year before.

The number of party committees will be reduced on Saturday and the party president will have only six deputies, including the mayor of Vienna Michael Ludwig, the governor of Carinthia Peter Kaiser, the second president of the National Assembly Doris Boris and the new president female Eva Maria Holzleitner. While internal critics such as the President of Lower Austria Franz Schnabel and the former Federal Director Max Lercher have been integrated into the presidency and the board of directors, the governor of Burgenland Hans-Peter Doskozel is not running for office. party convention.

In terms of content, the focus is on ten major proposals, which call, among other things, for a reduction in working time, wealth and inheritance taxes and the abolition of deductions in the health system. The party congress brings together 642 delegates. 3G rule and mask requirements apply.

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