Quick Online Payday Loan for Banned Banking on Aramis


A banking ban is someone who is blacklisted by the NatBank of Belgium or the Central Bank Check File of the BFBank for various reasons. The reason may be a bad check, credit card misuse or non-repayment of debts to the lender. Under no circumstances will the banking prohibition be able to borrow money from credit institutions. Each institution can check the blacklist of banks, and therefore the listing of each individual listed. However, the situation of a banking ban is not desperate. There are alternatives like forbidden banking credit.

Application for credit for bank bans

Application for credit for bank bans

The banking prohibition is removed all its means of payment such as his checkbook. In addition to the suspension of her overdraft authorization, she is refused any new loans, not only by the financial institution she visits, but everywhere.

It is true that the name of the banned bank will be removed from the blacklist when he has paid his debts and any fines that accompany them. This being so, the creditor will then inform the NBB or the BDF of the regularization of his file, and it will be only from this moment that he will be able to apply for a payday loan again. But, how to get money to pay everything back?

If the person in difficulty has real estate, they can use a mortgage loan. This is the best loan for banned bank owners. If he is a renter, he can choose a credit for forbidden bank tenant such as pawn shell or micro-credit. The Family Allowance Fund, the Red Cross, private and participatory financing can also save him. European banks and online banks also offer solutions.

Requirements for online banks for fast credit

fast credit

A banking ban without a mortgage (or with) has an interest in making refunds as soon as possible. Online credit is then recommended. Just call an online bank and read the conditions they stipulate. Here is an example of a solidarity finance cooperative that can be solicited online:

The cooperative grants a loan to the person concerned to maintain a professional activity on his behalf. This activity may be the execution of work in the headquarters of the community, in compliance with the ecological charter. It can also take the form of support from a social association.

It would not be superfluous to mention credit consolidation as an alternative to lift the banking ban. This can be a consumer credit buyback for those who do not own real estate.

What solutions to borrow money?

borrow money?

When we are banned, credit organizations tend to close the door quickly when applying for a payday loan. However, be aware that it is not the alternatives that are lacking to request a credit without proof.