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AMRITSAR: The Chairman of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC), Navjot Singh Sidhu, always seems to depend on Twitter to convey his views to the Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, instead of chatting with him directly.
For experts, Sidhu appears to be using Twitter on purpose, so he can distance himself from what he describes as failures of the Congressional government in Punjab. Sidhu’s tweets on Saturday, referring to the electricity tariff for consumers and the termination of power purchase agreements (PPAs), only reinforced the differences between him and Amarinder on decision-making. on vital issues.
Political analyst Professor Kuldeep Singh said for Sidhu, who has a large number of Twitter followers, communicating with followers is more important than with the chief minister. He said it seemed Sidhu considered himself the chief congressional minister for the 2022 assembly elections. “Everyone knows Sidhu is not on good terms with the CM. He wants the same to be known to the people of Punjab. If he somehow develops a good equation with Amarinder and forgets in the process the issues he raised against him, his dissenting voice would be lost, which he does not want ”, a- he declared.
There is a distinct difference between the opinions of urban, educated voters and rural or ordinary voters on Sidhu who continues his battle on Twitter despite the party high command who appeased some of his grouses by elevating his position in the unity of Congress. of State. While the former felt that Sidhu’s outbursts on Twitter were inappropriate and unprofessional, the latter saw their own success and reacted with clichés like “dekha, chak dae phatae” and “thok-ta Captain”. “With the goal of being a chief minister in the face of the 2022 elections, what matters most to Sidhu is how his performance as chairman of the PPCC is perceived by the public. Keeping this face of rebellion alive is the political necessity for Sidhu as he always projected that he was not part of the non-performance of the Amarinder government, ”Kuldeep said.
A congressional leader, who declined to give his name for obvious reasons, said divisions within the party had become more evident because of Sidhu. He was of the opinion that Sidhu, as the head of the PPCC, should avoid publicizing his resentments and instead use an appropriate platform to express them.

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