Punjab Congressional Policy Becomes Cloudy, Dy CM Randhawa Brings Serious Allegations Against Former CM Captain Amarinder Singh

Punjab is a border state and Pakistan is always looking for opportunities to create unrest here and then spread them to other parts of India. Now, the senior leaders of the Punjab Congress, in their frenzy to target former CM captain Amarinder Singh, are making allegations against the former CM that raise questions about national security. If Captain Amarinder Singh was a threat to national security, as implied, the silence on this issue during his tenure raises many serious questions about the functioning of the party. National security should not be used by any party to settle minor political issues. Unfortunately, the opposite is playing out in Punjab, it seems.

Punjab’s Deputy Chief Minister Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa said on Saturday that the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) should investigate Pakistani journalist Aroosa Alam’s links with Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). His statement comes after he denied opening an investigation into whether Pakistani journalist Aroosa Alam, who has been visiting former chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh for several years, has any ties to the ISI.

Speaking to media staff in the nation’s capital on Friday, Randhawa said, “There is no investigation into this. It is misinterpreted. I think it is his own fear. Asked about Amarinder Singh’s connection to the ISI agent In particular his name was taken At that point I had said if there was anything we would see to it. “” Secondly, Amarinder Singh, who served as chief minister, should know that foreigners’ affairs are investigated by RAW and not by the state government. I don’t know why he has so fear, ”he added. Randhawa was in the nation’s capital to meet with congressional leaders. “They (Captain Amarinder Singh) are now saying there is an ISI threat. We will look into the woman’s connection to her (ISI). The captain has repeatedly raised the issue of drones coming from the Pakistan over the past 4.5 years, “Randhawa said earlier. . “So the captain first raised this issue and then deployed BSF to the Punjab. We will ask the DGP to examine this issue, ”he added.

He also referred to the Centre’s decision to empower the Border Security Force (BSF) to conduct searches, arrest suspects and carry out seizures up to a 50 km area inside Indian territory at from the international border (IB) along the Indo-Pakistan borders. Randhawa said the state government wrote to the prime minister Narendra Modi On the question. Randhawa said Aroosa’s visa is extended from time to time.

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