Punjab Congress leader asks Kejriwal and Mann to expose ‘mafias’

On Sunday, Punjab Congress Leader Amarinder Singh Raja Warring called on AAP National Chairman Arvind Kejriwal and State Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann to speak out against ‘mafias’ who approached them after their party formed the government in the state.

“Kejriwal ji and Mann sahab, when you know who run the mafias then why don’t you reveal their names…Why don’t you expose the mafia now who approached you with bribes?” Warring asked in a tweet.

Kejriwal in Delhi on Saturday said that after the AAP government was formed in Punjab, several ‘big mafias’ approached him, Mann, ministers, party MPs and leaders seeking favors by offering bribes . “All the big mafias, who were looting Punjab, started approaching me, Mann, our ministers, MPs, party officials, asking what is the system in your party, which is to be approached with a bribe” , Kejriwal said. ”We told them all to work honestly, otherwise they will be put in jail. And everything fell into place. See within a month your electricity has become free. We saved every penny for this,” Kejriwal had said. Kejriwal had said the AAP had delivered on its first poll promise in Punjab and would not let lack of funds hamper the state’s progress.

He said this after Mann announced 300 units of free electricity per month for every household in Punjab.

The Aam Aadmi party formed the Punjab government last month after winning 92 seats out of 117 assembly segments in state assembly polls.

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