Pradesh congressional committee calls for recall of Lakshadweep administrator

The new regulations imposed by the administrator were aimed at enforcing RSS and the Union government’s corporate agenda, CPC Chairman AV Subramanian said in a statement.

The Pradesh congressional committee has called for the recall of Lakshadweep administrator Praful Koda Patel for spoiling the peace on the island by presenting “the agenda of Sangh Parivar and the companies”.

Regulations penalizing the buying or selling of beef, the introduction of alcohol under the guise of promoting tourism, the Goondas law and the law prohibiting people with more than two children from being elected to the gram panchayat were intended to impose the RSS and the Union government business agenda, CPC Chairman AV Subramanian said in a statement Monday.

The “reforms” introduced by the Administrator were contrary to the broader interests of the indigenous peoples residing on the island. Beef was one of the staple foods of the people while the archipelago has a history of very low crime rates.

The new policies proposed by the administrator were in line with the Union government’s broader agenda to “destroy” the pluralistic nature of our society, he said.

Meanwhile, Congress leaders in Mahé staged a protest on Monday to condemn the administrator’s anti-popular policies. Party members holding “Save Lakshadweep” signs staged the protest outside their residence, a CCP official said.

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