‘Politics today, a fight between ideologies; The Congress will preach municipal harmony ‘

New Delhi“Congress is fundamentally a modern, liberal, centre-left party…whose main objective is to protect the essential characteristic of unity in India’s diversity,” said Congress leader and MP of Rajya Sabha, Digvijaya Singh, summarizing party credentials. et le positionnant par opposition au parti nationaliste hindou Bharatiya Janata (BJP) dans un recent interview with Thread.

He added that the Udaipur declaration, adopted in the recently concluded Chintan Shivir, decided to convey this precise message to the people of India, and that such clarity will help the party’s future efforts in planning, organization and strategy – something that is going to be evident in the pan-Indian Bharat Jodo Yatra from 2 October 2022.

Singh’s remarks are significant, given that many senior Congress party leaders have often come under scrutiny for allegedly obeying Hindutva sentiments.

This issue was also debated in Chintan Shivir. Various North Indian Congress leaders spoke against a one-size-fits-all political line and favored designing strategies according to state-specific realities. However, the leaders of southern India firmly opposed it in favor of a strong and secular ideological knot.

Following his alleged failure to elicit a post-election alliance in Goa in 2017 – which prevented Congress from forming the government despite its emergence as the largest party – Singh was denied any meaningful leadership in the party.

However, he was recently reinstated in the central leadership of the party by interim president Sonia Gandhi, in an important position. Now, as one of the most senior members of the newly formed Political Affairs Group and part of the team that will oversee the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Singh is in the thick of the action.

Recently, when polling strategist Prashant Kishor declined a position on the Congressional Election Management Committee, Singh was one of the leaders who took it on, saying the famous strategist had offered nothing but ” he did not know “.

Asked why the big old party had to suffer a string of electoral losses despite leaders like himself claiming to understand Kishor’s strategies, Singh said the party’s current problem is “organizational weaknesses” that have led to ineffective campaigns in front of the BJP.

He said the Udaipur Declaration addresses some of these concerns and will continue to do so in the months to come.


La priorité actuelle du parti, a déclaré Singh, est d’organiser le Bharat Jodo Yatra de manière convaincante. “The Yatra will cover 4,000 km from the cashmere in Kanyakumari. We are now discussing routes. But our goal is to establish jan sampark

On a question regarding the leadership crisis in Congress, he said that much of the criticism the party has faced has not been fair because only Congress “runs internal elections”.

“Tell me, what other party organizes elections to choose party leaders? Yet only Congress has to deal with such questions. Congress is the most democratic party in India,” Singh said.

He said the focus of the Congress now was to re-establish itself as the party of India’s founding fathers like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel and others who bridged Hindu-Muslim divides in the aftermath of the partition.

“Congress shaped the very soul of India; That is to say community harmony, unity in diversity, in our constitution. We proved the British wrong, who thought we could never administer a democratic nation,” he said.

“It is clear that politics today is a battle of ideologies. We wonder if politics should be socially divisive. Should society be divided according to religion, caste and language? The Bharat Jodo Yatra will reach out to people with the message of communal harmony,” he continued, saying the Congress is against all forms of fundamentalist forces.

“Congress has never compromised with Hindu and Muslim fundamentalists. We will speak as much against Muslims who provoke religious frenzy as against Hindu fundamentalists. We are quite clear about it, “he said.

What is happening now, Singh said, is that Hindutva forces have tried to keep religious tensions alive to gain political advantage from such situations. “We will explain to the people that India has never had religious wars. Nous n’avons vu que des guerres politiques dans notre passé, mais jamais sur la foi », a-t-il déclaré.

The top Congress leader also slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his “poorly planned” decisions, like demonetization, goods and services tax (GST), mishandling of COVID, etc.

“Modi ji’s specialty is to announce the decision first and think about it later,” Singh said. “For example, he announced demonetization without having enough new banknotes to deal with the human catastrophe. The same happened with the poorly implemented GST, which he had opposed as Chief Minister of Gujarat.

“Look at the result of demonetization,” continued Singh. “We said it would eliminate the problem of counterfeit money. When the demonetization was announced there were around 17.5 lakh crore counterfeit notes, now the number has risen to 28 lakh crore.

Singh a déclaré que le «modèle Modi» de la gouvernance dépend de «l’externalisation» et rien d’autre. « Pouvez-vous imaginer qu’au Gujarat, même les agents de police sont des employés contractuels ? He tries to do the same at the Center with the Agnipath scheme, tarnishing the image of our highly professional armed forces.

Asked about several prominent leaders who have jumped ship from Congress in recent years, Singh said, “The Congress party has never been a cadre-based party. She was born in a movement and continued as a movement. All kinds of people, from Nehru to C. Rajagopalachari to Purushottam Das Tandon, were in Congress.

« Pourtant, nous n’avons jamais fait de compromis sur notre devise d’offrir une gouvernance favorable aux pauvres. Congress believes in rights-based development and decentralization of governance on the model of Gandhi Gram Swaraj. And we will stay that in our hearts, ”said Singh.

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