Penn State’s strong connection to the International Glass Congress



The International Glass Congress (ICG) was held June 9-14 in Boston, Massachusetts, with strong representation from Penn State. Over 900 people from 45 countries attended the ICG led by John Mauro and Richard Brow.

John Mauro, professor of materials science and engineering, was president of the ICG program and Richard Brow, professor of ceramic engineering at the University of Science and Technology of Missouri, was president of ICG. Brow received his Ph.D. in ceramics from Penn State under the supervision of Carlo Pantano, emeritus professor emeritus of materials science and engineering.

The ICG, held every three years, is the world’s largest and most distinguished glass conference. This year’s conference was the first to be held in the United States since 1998.

“I am delighted that we were able to host the ICG conference in the United States for the first time in over two decades,” said Mauro. “It has been a pleasure to welcome so many friends from all over the world who all share a common interest in advancing the study and applications of glass.”

The ICG is organized by the International Glass Commission, an international non-profit glass society made up of 37 national organizations in the field of glass science and technology, and the Glass and Optical Materials Division of the ‘American Ceramic Society.

During the ICG, Mauro was appointed a fellow of the Society of Glass Technology. The company is a non-profit organization serving those interested in the production, properties or uses of eyewear. The company seeks to strengthen communication in the global glass community.

Mauro also presented the Woldemar A. Weyl International Glass Science Award to Thomas Bennett, Royal Society Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge. Mauro had already received this award in 2010, which is awarded every three years by Penn State for the best young glass scientist in the world under the age of 35.

In addition to his role and the honors received at the meeting, Mauro hosted a signing ceremony with former advisor Arun K. Varshneya for the third edition of “Fundamentals of Inorganic Glasses”, co-written by Mauro.

Kuo-Hao Lee, an advisor doctor to Mauro, also won accolades by placing third in the conference poster competition.

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