Omnigraphics Releases Updated Edition of Moving & Relocation Directory

DETROIT, October 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Benchmark publisher Omnigraphics has released all 10and edition of the Moving and Relocation Directory. Originally published in 1992, this updated edition tackles head-on the main points relevant for 2021, providing current information, including surveys, information and data on migration in United States.

Tens of millions of Americans move every year. In fact, the average American moves every five years, according to the US Census Bureau. “What’s surprising is that many of those who move don’t have the solid data they need to make a sound decision,” according to David Beck, co-author of the new update Moving and Relocation Directory.

Especially now, relocation patterns have been upended by three notable trends: the Covid pandemic, changing career and job demands, and the affordable housing crisis. “If you’re thinking of moving now or in the next few years, you need hard facts about where to move, given your unique circumstances and needs,” says David Beck. “The Moving and relocation Phone book provides multiple surveys of relocation trends and preferred locations that you can rely on to guide and facilitate your move.”

In the wake of the Covid pandemic, employers continue to make relocation easier by easing remote working policies. People are looking to explore and migrate to new places and are not necessarily tied to an office environment like they were in the past. This updated and timely 10th edition of the Moving and Relocation Directory is a unique resource guide designed to help anyone considering moving to a new location in the United States. It addresses key moving criteria such as housing costs, top employers, green space, climate, medical facilities, education, local sports, outdoor activities, and more. It contains the information needed to help navigate the resettlement decision-making process. The directory is filled with data points to consider through the lens of various demographic populations, from Gen Z and millennials to Gen Xers and baby boomers.

According to the USPS, there were approximately 30 million address change requests in 2020, with current data indicating that the relocation trend will continue. “We are delighted to publish this data-rich and updated edition of the Moving and Relocation Directory at a time when so many people are moving to new locations in the United States. It provides insight and information on everything you need to know when considering a move,” says Sue Maniloff, vice president of business development for Omnigraphics.

Omnigraphics is a leading publisher headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, started in 1985 by Fred Ruffner, founder of Gale Research, and is now part of global data intelligence company, Aggregate Intelligence, Inc. Since 1985, Omnigraphics has been on a mission to provide authoritative reference products and engaging for libraries, schools, and businesses, delivering high-quality content in innovative and traditional ways, based on user needs and preferences. To learn more, visit

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