Not concerned with BJP, AAP campaigns in Himachal, says Congress MP

Congresswoman for Mandi Pratibha Singh in Himachal Pradesh on Thursday said her party was not concerned about the BJP and AAP campaign in the state ahead of the assembly elections, adding that would have no impact on the polls. “The Himachal Pradesh Congress Party is not worried about BJP National Chairman JP Nadda’s tour and Aam Aadmi Party Arvind Kejriwal’s rally in Kangra district,” said Pratibha Singh, wife of former Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Virbhadra Singh.

Pratibha Singh added, “Congress will focus on key public issues. ‘PAA.’ She said: “The party won by-elections based on key public issues including inflation and unemployment, and public support will also continue in future polls.”

According to the MP for Mandi, the party will be the state election due to the contribution of Virbhadra Singh as the people of Himachal will remember him for centuries. She said her contribution to schools, colleges and concern for the betterment of the poor will be remembered by all and will help the Congress party in the state.

Himachal Pradesh Congress President Kuldeep Singh Rathore said the Congress will be working actively in the coming days. Hee said, “At present, the party is focusing on the membership campaign and soon big campaigns will be launched in the state. For the BJP, it is the home state of its national chairman. and now it’s also about JP Nadda’s image after losing four bypolls in the state.”

Speaking about the AAP in the state, Rathore said, “There is no place for the AAP in the state in the days ahead.” Rathore said the Congress Party will form a government in the state after the assembly elections. (ANI)

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