Releases NFT Whale Directory with 50+ NFT Whale and Top NFT Buyers

MADISON, Wis., August 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VNM United States reveals a report of called The NFT Whale Directory: 50+ Top NFT Buyers and Whale. The directory compiles the biggest NFT spenders, making it easy to track NFT trends that whales are setting.

“We started The NFT Whale Directory purely out of interest. I kept seeing the same usernames buying high priced coins and wanted a way to track this activity. The NFT Whale Directory compiles links to their collections, their notable purchases, and social media. It puts a face to the name of all the multimillion-dollar NFT sales that made headlines,” said Ryan Cowdrey, editor at

The NFT Whale Directory is designed for beginners who want to see who the NFT trend setters are, NFT artists looking for buyers, and anyone who is fascinated by the amount of money spent on NFTs and wants to see who are these people behind the titles.

You can see the NFT whale directory here.

“99% of us wouldn’t collect NFTs if it wasn’t for the NFT Whales. They brought mass attention to NFTs with their big purchases. They demonstrated that there is value in a digital file. And every day they create marketplaces for known NFT-projects. We owe gratitude to the NFT Whales and I think the directory is a start,” said QuHarrison Terry, author of The NFT Handbook.

The criteria for inclusion in the NFT Whale Directory are either having purchased an NFT listed on the Top 100 NFT Sales of All Time or an NFT collection of greater value $500,000.

If there is someone you think is a whale but is not listed in the directory, you can submit an addition to the NFT Whale Directory here: is a destination for in-depth NFT market data, NFT trend monitoring, and insights on the current and future of the NFT industry. NFT QT releases reports several times a week to keep you ahead of others when it comes to NFT.

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