New forest conservation rules will weaken tribals: Congress

Congress on Sunday accused Narendra Modi’s government of abdicating its responsibility to protect tribal rights and alleged that new forest conservation rules will weaken millions of ‘Adivasis’ and other people living in the forest areas.

Former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused the BJP-led government of watering down new forest conservation rules for the “ease of grabbing forest land” and said his party strongly supports “brothers and Adivasi sisters.

”’Modi-Mitr’ Sarkar to his best pal! To ‘facilitate the removal’ of forest land, the BJP government has proposed new rules FC, 2022, watering down the UPA Forest Rights Act 2006,’ Gandhi wrote on Twitter.

”Congress strongly supports our Adivasi brothers and sisters in their fight to protect ‘Jal, Jungle and Zameen”, he added.

Congress Secretary General Jairam Ramesh said new rules released recently allow forest rights to be settled after the final approval of forest clearings by the Center.

“Obviously this was done in the name of ‘ease of doing business’ for the chosen few. But it will end the ‘ease of living’ for the many,’ he said in a statement.

The former Union environment minister said it undermined the very purpose of the Forest Rights Act 2006 and its meaningful use when considering proposals to divert forest land.

”Once clearing is granted, everything else becomes a mere formality and almost inevitably no claim will be recognized and settled. State governments will come under even greater pressure from the Center to expedite the process of forest land diversion,” Ramesh said.

“The Modi government has abdicated the responsibility given to the central government by parliament to ensure that the Forest Conservation Act 1980 is implemented in accordance with the Forest Rights Act 2006,” the head of the ministry said. Congress.

He said the new rules were enacted without any consultation or discussion with stakeholders, including the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science and Technology, Environment, Forests and Climate Change, and will be challenged at the next session of Parliament.

”If anything demonstrates the true intention of Modi Sarkar to protect and promote the interests of Adivasis, it is this decision, which will weaken millions of Adivasis and other people living in forest areas,” said Ramesh in a tweet, using the hashtag ”#AdivasiVirodhiNarendraModi”.

He shared a news report that the government is approving the felling of forests without the consent of tribals and forest dwellers.

Ramesh said the Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act 2006, known as the Forest Rights Act 2006, is a landmark and progressive piece of legislation that was passed unanimously and enthusiastically by Parliament after long debates and discussions and that it confers land and subsistence rights – both individual and communal – to Adivasi, Dalit and other families living in forest areas.

In August 2009, to ensure the fullest application of the law, the then Department of Environment and Forests stipulated that no permission to divert forest land under the Forest Lands Act 1980 Forest conservation would not even be considered by him unless rights under the Forest Rights Act 2006 were settled for the first time.

“This was done to protect and promote the interests of tribal and other communities traditionally living in forest areas,” Ramesh said.

This ensures that the rights of tribal and other communities will have to be addressed before a decision can even be considered on deforestation and the environment by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, he said. , adding that it required that “free, prior and informed consent of the families concerned be obtained for such an exercise to be lawful”.

“Now, in a new set of rules released very recently, the Modi government has allowed the settlement of forest rights after the final approval of forest clearings by the central government,” the Congress leader said.

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