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Wagner finished third with 22% of the vote on Tuesday. Ezell faces Palazzo on June 28 in a second round.

Clay Wagner, the third runner-up in the Republican midterm primary for the 4th congressional district, endorsed Mike Ezell, the second-placed candidate to vote as runoff campaigning begins this Wednesday morning after Tuesday’s election.

Ezell is the Jackson County Sheriff. He got 25% of the vote and will face incumbent Congressman Steven Palazzo in the June 28 runoff. Palazzo led the group of 7 players with 32%.

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In a statement on Twitter, Wagner offered his support and endorsement to Ezell, saying, “I want to thank each of the over 11,000 of you who have supported my campaign. I ask you all to join me to support Sheriff Mike Ezell to be our next congressman. Your support means the world to me and I pray that we all help move southern MS forward.

Earlier in the day, Ezell’s campaign released a statement after Tuesday’s election results.

“Yesterday, two-thirds of the Republicans of the 4eThe Congressional District has voted for a new person to represent us in Congress. That’s why I’m excited to move into the second round of the election because we know there’s a lot of momentum with a large majority of voters wanting change,” Ezell said. “No matter who you voted for yesterday, I’m asking for your vote in the June 28 runoff because we need to change who represents us in Congress.”

The Ezell campaign is launches its first run-off TV ad tonight focusing on what they say is the clear choice between Congressman Palazzo and his ongoing ethics investigation against Sheriff Ezell’s 40 years of law enforcement experience cleaning up corruption and saving millions of taxpayers.

“The issues are serious, the stakes are high, and we now have a clear choice on who can best represent southern Mississippi in Congress,” Ezell said. “Now more than ever, we need someone with first-hand law enforcement experience in Congress. In this run-off election, there is a big difference between the candidates in terms of their record. , experience and work ethic Over the next three weeks, I will work as hard as I can to earn your vote in the June 28 runoff – because I am the candidate who will run, speak and will stand up for our conservative values ​​– every day.”

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