Mawryngkneng Bloc congressional committee observes split and argument over Highlander Kharmalki’s candidacy


As political parties rush to the assembly’s exemption votes on October 30, Mawryngkneng’s Congress heads for what appears to be an inevitable split.

Unhappy with Congress’ decision to remove Highlander Kharmalki from seat, a section of the Mawryngkneng Block Congress Committee (MBCC) deserted Congress in support of independent candidate Norbert Marboh.

We learn that the workers of the Unites, Circles and MBCC Party are unhappy with Kharmalki, who was initially with the People’s Democratic Front but recently joined Congress, while Marboh has been in Congress for 20 years.

Members of Congress from Mawryngkneng claim that Kharmalki does not want to cooperate with them.

MBCC General Secretary Ronald Kharumnuid said: “The supporters are leaving because Marboh did not get a ticket. Party leaders had asked Marboh to request the ticket, but the party did not grant him one. Kharumnuid went on to say that there is no unity in Congress Mawryngkneng.

Speaking at a program attended by members of Congress, Marboh said he had been in Congress for 20 years, while the ticket was issued to someone outside of Congress (referring to Kharmalki).

“We will stand in solidarity and repeat the victory of 2013 when the late David Nongrum won the election as an independent candidate,” he said.

Mawryngkneng is considered a stronghold of Congress. Nongrum was the son of veteran Congress leader Charles Pyngrope. In the last general election of 2018, Kharmalki ran with the People’s Democratic Front and placed second.

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