Massamagrell will hold the 2nd International Congress on the Way of the Holy Grail 2022


VALENCIA, SPAIN, Sept. 30, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — HOLY GRAIL ASSOCIATION: Massamagrell will host the II International Congress of Broadcasting and Journalism The Way of the Holy Grail 2022, which will take place in person, in the theater of the Center de Massamagrell Passeig Rei en Jaume, 6, and online October 3 and 4. Organized by the Cultural Association of the Way of the Holy Grail, the International Scientific Commission for the Studies of the Holy Grail, the Federation of Friends of the Associations of the Way of the Holy Grail, the Route and the Territory of the Grail and sponsored by the Municipal Council of Massamagrell through its mayor, Mr. Francisco Gómez Laserna and Mr. Jesús Gimeno Peris, the councilor who promotes the Way of the Holy Grail within the city council.

The relic will be studied from a scientific and historical point of view. After the success of the first edition held during the 2nd jubilee year in 2020, it will offer new speakers and research.

On Monday, October 3, the Consular Corps accredited in the city of Valencia will present different ways of feeling and living the pilgrimages in their respective countries. By showing their support for the initiative to make Valencia the central city of a European Cultural Route that will allow us to position ourselves as the most important city in the Western Mediterranean in terms of pilgrimages.

On Tuesday October 4, broadcasters and journalists from all over the world will present The Way of the Holy Grail as a true European Cultural Route that connects countries as diverse as Germany, Italy, France and Spain under a single story created at from literature and rooted in the Christian religion, “the search for the Holy Grail”.

According to the organizers, this conference aims to present and deepen the scientific research carried out on the journey of the Holy Chalice of the Last Supper, kept in the Cathedral of Santa María in Valencia, and its implications in Europe.

The event will bring together renowned experts from different disciplines who will approach the study of the sacred relic from the motive that drives people to make a pilgrimage, a journey.

The congress is organized in collaboration with the Asociación Cultural El Camino del Santo Grial, the International Scientific Commission for the Studies of the Holy Grail and the Federación Amigos de Asociaciones del Camino del Santo Grial, Ruta y Territorio Grial. For two days, the best broadcasters, journalists and researchers of the Way of the Holy Grail, the sacred relic kept in the Cathedral of Valencia since 1437, will meet in Massamagrell.

The Way of the Grail, Route of Knowledge, Way of Peace is a reality that has been forged since 2002 thanks to the union of synergies between Aragon and Valencia in terms of civil society.

According to the organizers, this Congress aims to present and explore in depth the possibilities of development offered by the route of the Holy Chalice of the Last Supper, which is kept in the Cathedral of Santa María in Valencia, in the footsteps of the prosperous Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago de Compostela.

This initiative of the route originated from the Cathedral of Valencia in 1958 with the aim of creating the route along which the relic could have passed from the 3rd century until its arrival at the Cathedral of Valencia. A path where people have the opportunity to connect with themselves, with their divinity and with what can make them better people.

The main road between Somport and the cathedral of Valence is called the Road of Knowledge, the Road of Peace. It’s a whole journey that recalls how the Grail was saved on several occasions, at different times in our European history, from looting or imminent destruction. And this rescue was carried out by people whose names we do not know today, but whose value we know. It is therefore a path of growth in the values ​​of Peace, Love and understanding between peoples. A message of universal love that can perfectly combine its touristic and cultural version by following the route of the Holy Chalice of the Last Supper, which keeps the memory of Jesus from his arrival in the Iberian Peninsula in Huesca in the 3rd century, until its location in the Cathedral of Valencia.

A route of about 650 km that starts from France passing through Somport to the Royal Pantheon Monastery of San Juan de la Peña (Huesca) and crosses all of Aragon passing through Zaragoza and Teruel to reach the Cathedral of Valencia, passing through more than 90 municipalities of the three Aragonese provinces and up to 20 municipalities in two of the three provinces of the Valencian Community.

A unique opportunity to find out what and where the Holy Grail is, the most sought-after relic of the Western Middle Ages. As well as knowing the meaning of the solidification of its territory through its history.

València Turisme, the Diputació de Turisme de València ( supports the Federation of Associations of Friends of the Route of the Holy Grail, Route and Territory of the Grail to act this year to publicize the municipalities along the road in the province of Valencia. A good start to discover this wonderful country.

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LOCATION: Massamagrell Cultural Center at Passeig Rei en Jaume, 6 (Building opposite the line 3 metro station, Massamagrell stop).
DAY: October 3 and 4
TIME: 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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