Maritime Heritage Week: 10th International Congress of European Maritime Heritage


Man, from time immemorial, has relied on his heritage not only for his survival on earth, but also to build a better world for future generations. Tangible and intangible heritage is made up of identities, social mores, collective memories, customs, traditions and traditional trades that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Guided by the love of our local traditional maritime heritage and the inherent need to preserve age-old knowledge and traditions, the Pan-Hellenic Association for the Preservation of Maritime Heritage and Traditional Shipbuilding “Proteas”, in cooperation with civil society Hellenic Maritime Heritage non-profit organization “Argos CNCP”, organize the Maritime Heritage Week. The multi-thematic event will take place in the municipality of Pylos-Nestor, from Saturday 11 to Sunday 19 September 2021.

Maritime Heritage Week – Photo by Luke Powell

The current year marks the 200th anniversary of the Greek uprising against Ottoman rule. While the Maritime Week is organized in such an emblematic place, the European Maritime Heritage organization is organizing for the first time in its history its triennial Congress during the Maritime Heritage Week in Pylos, Greece, thus paying tribute to the nation Greek, its substantial maritime tradition and the contribution of our civilization to Europe.

European Maritime Heritage (EMH) is a non-governmental organization which promotes knowledge and awareness of maritime heritage as well as its preservation in all European countries. It brings together owners of traditional ships and maritime museums of historic ships and other stakeholders interested in the identification, restoration and preservation of tangible and intangible maritime heritage, including that related to inland waterways.

Maritime Heritage Week – Photo by Proteas

According to Mr. João de Almeida, President of EMH: “The holding of the 10th Maritime Heritage Congress in Pylos, Greece, offers us the opportunity to draw inspiration from a land that saw the birth of one of the most important civilizations. oldest and most influential to better design the future of maritime heritage. The EMH, as a European association committed to the identification, preservation and promotion of tangible and intangible heritage, will continue to support its current members, and will welcome others, interested in joining forces to succeed in this cause. common. Maritime Heritage Week, in which the Congress fits, will bring together a very relevant group of actors. The program of the event, which was designed by the Greek partners, aligns with the strategic objectives of the EMH insofar as, in addition to the debate on the concept of maritime heritage and the preparatory work for the revision of the Charter of Barcelona, ​​care has been taken to include activities designed to reach younger audiences and students. We must win the minds and hearts of new generations if current heritage preservation efforts are to be sustainable. Otherwise, our work will be gloriously lost! “.

Maritime Heritage Week – Photo by Valery Vasilevskiy

As stated by the vice-president of the association “Proteas” – national member of the EMH – and member of the general council Mr. Nikolas Vlavianos: “One of the most important events of the whole week, is the triennial international congress of the European Maritime Heritage Association, and its scope goes well beyond our common European borders. The international conference gives us a unique opportunity to listen to what other Europeans are doing and for us to promote our country’s positions and actions in the fields of culture, tourism and geopolitical strategy. The well-known and internationally recognized Barcelona Charter, which has been in force since 2002, recognizes the extent of maritime heritage and responds to the concept of intangible cultural heritage by explicitly stating that traditional ships are protected to serve, among other things, as elements historic or for the perpetuation of traditional know-how. This Charter is still perennial but focuses only on ships, given that today there is a need for a more effective preservation of this maritime heritage which lacks areas in the field of intangible cultural heritage. It will be revised and integrated into a new charter which will include guidelines for the management of intangible maritime cultural heritage. During the proceedings of the conference and the Maritime Heritage Week, the first step towards a moral orientation convention will take place, thanks to the preparation and working groups, organized by the EMH. The new charter will include the Barcelona charter and will be called the “Navarino Charter”. The signs of the times, as underlined by the evocation of the historic place of Navarin with the naval battle of 1827, as part of the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of our national rebirth and finally, of this particular period during which the reclassifications of them geopolitical interests ferment in the eastern Mediterranean basin ”.

Finally, according to Mr. Anastasios Arvanitakis, President of the Hellenic Maritime Heritage “Argos CNCP”: “Beyond the various activities of the company, the ultimate objective that has been set is the institutionalization of the annual Maritime Heritage Week, in a different place with rich traditions and nautical history. Polythematic events will aim to highlight and promote the maritime grandeur of our country through the ages. Our vision is to raise awareness and sensitize the younger generation to the achievements of traditional shipbuilding, seamanship and its people, while highlighting the unique characteristics of the tangible and intangible maritime heritage and the Hellenic maritime tradition. “.

Proteas and the Hellenic Maritime Heritage “Argos” co-organize Maritime Heritage Week, a unique celebration for the promotion of Greek maritime heritage and shipbuilding. The event aims to become annual and to be held during the week of the fall equinox. A time when ships traditionally returned to port for the winter.

The Maritime Heritage Week will be held under the aegis of the Peloponnese Region and the Municipality of Pylos-Nestor.

More detailed information on scheduled events, cultural activities and the registration process will be announced shortly.

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