Maharashtra slipped to third place in foreign investment (Congress)



On November 13, Maharashtra Congress President Ashok Chavan asserted that the state had not remained a preferred destination for foreign investors under the Bharatiya Janata Party-Shiv Sena regime.

Referring to figures released by the Union Government’s Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) in 2016, Chavan alleged that Maharashtra rose to third in the numero uno position due to poor policies in the country. current state government.

Chavan pointed out that while Karnataka received investments worth 1.54 lakh crore and from Gujarat Rs 56,156 crore, Maharashtra only received Rs 38,193 crore. In 2017, Karnataka received Rs 1.52 lakh crore, Gujarat Rs 79,068 crore and Maharashtra received Rs 48,581 crore. Until September 2018, Karnataka received Rs 83,236 crore, Gujarat Rs 59,089 crore and Maharashtra Rs 46,428 crore.

“Of the total foreign investment offered in 2015, 10.7% was in Maharashtra, which rose to 9.28% in 2016 and 12.29% in 2017.”

-Ashok Chavan

“Until September 2018, Maharashtra received investment proposals of 13.71% rupees. Compared to Maharashtra, Karnataka received 37.55% in 2016, 38.48% in 2017, 24.58 % in 2018 “ added Chavan.

He also claimed that a third of the foreign investments in the country were in Maharashtra during the tenure of Congress-NCP.

Minister of Industries Subhash Desai rejected Chavan’s claim that Maharashtra is in the forefront not only in securing foreign investment, but also in converting investment intentions into real investment.

“These are the figures from the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The report Chavan cited portray the figures for proposed investments and not actual investments. Truth. Why does he want to defame Maharashtra.”

– Subhash Desai

He said that in September, while all projects were executed in Maharashtra, only three had been executed in Karnataka. According to figures released by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for the quarter ended June 2018, 31% of foreign investment was received by Maharashtra, while Karnataka received 8% of investment.

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