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At the 2022 Little League International Convention held last week, Little League proposed a tactical institutional change that would address league boundaries. Little League said in a statement that the vote will take place two weeks after the conclusion of the Congress event, at which time Little League International staff will fully review these suggested changes to tactical changes and rule changes and communicate any updates to his district. Personal.

According to Little League, all items of rules and regulations that receive sufficient support will be presented to the Little League International Tournament Board and/or Committee for approval in August. Little League International will share the results of the vote and timelines for implementing these rule and regulation changes to its district staff in late August or early September.

The International Little League Convention agenda stated, “Local league boundaries were established to create a community program while maintaining a competitive balance. Over time, the definition of community has changed, and the Little League International Charter Committee has processed more than 4,083 cross-border waiver requests over the past two years, proving that families want more flexibility to select the program that best suits them. their family.

“It has also been established through our electronic mapping system that the border population differs significantly from state to state and district to district and does not play such a significant role in creating a competitive equilibrium than originally expected.”

The proposal states that any player, regardless of age, who enrolls in the Little League program for the first time is eligible to enroll in any Little League program. The player registration system states the following:

– All players will register through a central registration system, confirming league participation

-Players will not be required to provide proof of school enrollment residency

-The league will be responsible for verifying the age of the league

“For 65 years, the International Little League Convention has been where we meet as an organization to chart the future of the Little League program. This democratic process, where our high-level volunteers debate, modify and vote on our major rules, regulations and policy changes proposed for consideration, has been the hallmark of our organization since the first Congress in 1956, and to ensuring that thousands of community members – the voices of local volunteers are represented in the decision-making process”, Little League International said in a statement. “One of the tactical changes proposed for discussion on the agenda of the 28th International Little League Convention concerns league limits.”

Additionally, any player who chooses to change leagues will need to be released from the league they last participated in. Once released, the player will be eligible to participate in a new league with red jersey eligibility, followed by full eligibility for the duration of the player’s career with charter committee approval, according to Little League.

“During this session, we will discuss ways to identify areas of concern and ways to modify regulations and policies that will avoid the potential abuses that accompany programmatic changes,” The agenda for the Little League International convention is listed.

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