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By our journalist
IMPHAL, Jan 29: In a major political development, Lamsang Bloc Congress Committee Chairman Yumkhaibam Kumarjit has announced the dismantling of the Lamsang Bloc Congress Committee, Mahila Congress Committee and the Congress Committee of youth.
The statement was made during a press conference held at Manipur Press Club, Majorkhul today.
Speaking to the media, he said that former Lamsang bloc congress committee bureau members and Lamshang congress workers, after careful deliberation, came to the decision to extend their support to the BJP or the another staunch congressional rival.
Yumkhaibam Kumarjit expressed his disappointment with the Congress Party and its leaders, saying that they violated party rules and regulations and gave the ticket to an unworthy candidate without consulting the Committee leaders in Lamshang.
As a result, disgruntled members of the Congress Block Committee, Mahila and the Youth Committee resigned and decided to back a rival Congress party, he said.
Y Kumarjit further added that although he did not receive the party ticket for the upcoming 12th Legislative Assembly election, the Congress workers in Lamshang would not have been offended if the Congress party had at least chosen a deserving and worthy candidate. He said such an attitude would lead to the demise of the Congress party.

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