Kenes Buys International Congress and Trade Show


Kenes Groupworld’s leading professional conference organization (PCO), headquartered in Geneva and with representation in Spain, last August acquired the International Congress and Trade Show LEARNING EXPO.

He held 30 events since 2002: 20 editions in Spain, the last seven in collaboration with IFEMA-Madrid, seven other meetings organized in Latin America and three more virtual.

The International Congress and Trade Fair LEARNING EXPO is the main event on online learning in the Ibero-American market where more than 150,000 professionals from 45 countries have participated, there have been more than 1,500 speakers at the International Congress, which marks the trends of the most avant-garde topics in online training every year. The 20th edition took place last March at IFEMA-Madrid and addressed the theme “The metaverse applied to e-learning”.

IFEMA-Madrid will be the scene of the 21st edition, scheduled for March 23 and 24 2023 within the framework of “Education Week “.

This operation also includes EXPORRHH, a commercial space focused on the world of HR 4.0. ; Education, an activity aimed at growth edtech sector; and, moodleparty, an event on the well-known open software platform, the most widely used in the world.

The director of Kenes International Spain Church of Smara said: “Kenes has decided to purchase EXPOELEARNING, to promote this event internationally. Next year we will continue to perform it at IFEMA-Madrid. We have another edition planned in Mexico and other projects that we will communicate. We have big plans to maximize this great event. With this purchase, Kenes is making a strong commitment to the global e-learning industry.

For the director of LEARNING EXPO Isabelle Fuentes, “This operation represents the complete consolidation of EXPOELEARNING, which is now in the hands of a large multinational which organizes events all over the world. Kenes Group is a great company that we will fully support and continue to work with. This big step represents the internationalization and globalization of EXPOEEARNING, at a time of greater maturity of online training. We would like to thank Kenes for this firm commitment to making EXPOELEARNING a major global reference fair in a sector in continuous growth.

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