K. Sudhakaran Chairman of Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee has withdrawn his objectionable statement about Ramayan


(Left side) K. Sudhakaran, Chairman of Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee

Kozhikode (Kerala) – K. Sudhakaran, Chairman of the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee, expressed regret and withdrew his objectionable statement about Ramayan. He was being criticized for his statement.

1. While giving an interview to a Daily newspaper, Sudhakaran was asked: “How are the political leaders of the Malabar region different from those of central Kerala? Sudhakaran replied, ‘while returning from Lanka after Shriram killed Ravan, Lakshman thought to push Shriram into the sea and continue with Sitamata towards Ayodhya. When they reached the center of Kerala, those thoughts stopped coming to him. Shriram noticed the thoughts in Lakshman’s mind. He told Lakshman that he made no mistake, the thoughts were because of the land (South Kerala).

2. When Sudhakaran was criticized by BJP and other party leaders for this statement, he apologized for making this statement and withdrew his statement. He said that I had heard this story in my childhood and I repeated it. It was not my intention to drive a wedge between people or to show that some were inferior.

Editorial point of view

The Hindus should give this Congress, which still and always hurts their religious feelings, a lesson through the ballot box!

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