JK Cong leaders discuss preparations for upcoming polls


The senior Congress leaders of Jammu and Kashmir met for two consecutive days in the nation’s capital. This was the second round of meetings where all Jammu and Kashmir Congress leaders were present. This meeting is important considering that elections in Jammu and Kashmir could take place this year.

According to the sources, senior leaders present at the meeting Ghulam Nabi Azad, KC Venugopal and Ambika Soni urged them to opt for a collective leadership for the upcoming elections in Jammu and Kashmir. All India Congress Committee (AICC) Secretary General KC Venugopal, speaking exclusively to ANI, said, “The agenda is very clear.

“That’s why we called on the leaders of Jammu and Kashmir here in Delhi. Ghulam Nabi Azad, Ambika Soni who has ruled Jammu and Kashmir for the past 20 years and chairperson of the CCP, and the top leaders CWC members discussed together. It was a cordial meeting. Jammu and Kashmir Kashmir is very important to all of us. We also need to show the other country that Jammu and Kashmir is very much intact in India”, did he declare. “We discussed how to strengthen the party. There are small differences that I do not hide. Now is the time to go together and everyone agrees,” Venugopal added.

Sources told ANI that at the meeting they plan to stay united and go together in the upcoming elections. They were also asked to reduce differences and respect the decision of the high command, because the final decision will be made by the senior leaders. Congress leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad, Ambika Soni, KC Venugopal, Ghulam Ahmed Mir, Peerzada Mohmad Shayad, Tariq Hameed, Raman Bhalla and others were present at the meeting.

This was the second round of Jammu and Kashmir Congress leaders held in the Congress war room. According to the sources, KC Venugopal met one-on-one with all the leaders and took their suggestions and the final decision will be taken by the high command. (ANI)

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