International Congress Against Gas Extraction in the Wadden Sea


During the congress of the international organization for nature conversation IUCN in Marseille, a motion carried by the Waddenvereniging was adopted. The motion calls on the Dutch government not to launch further gas extraction under the Wadden Sea, as it is a protected nature reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The call was supported by 23 conservation organizations from countries in Europe and Africa.

“A motion passed becomes a resolution and is an important signal from the global conservation community,” the Waddenvereniging website reported. Frank Petersen of the association is therefore satisfied with the adoption of the motion. “We are very happy about this. This indicates that all over the world, NGOs, knowledge institutes and even government institutions are supporting us in calling for the cabinet to withdraw the permit for further gas extraction at the heritage site. World of the Wadden Sea. “

The IUCN conference started on September 3 and will run until Friday. 86 countries and more than a thousand organizations in the field of nature and environmental protection are members of the organization. One of the best-known activities of IUCN, which stands for International Union for the Conservation of Nature, is the annual publication of the Red List of Threatened Animal and Plant Species.

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