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U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) Said today that she will use her expanded assignments on the 116th Congress committee, including chairing an appropriations subcommittee, to accomplish more for Mississippi.

The US Senate on Wednesday approved resolutions confirming the composition of the committees of the new Congress. Hyde-Smith retained its members on the Senate Appropriation Committee, the Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee, and the Rules and Administration Committee. She also joined the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

“I will use these committee missions to capitalize on every opportunity to improve Mississippi and our country,” Hyde-Smith said. “I am honored to have the opportunity to continue the important work and long-standing representation of Mississippi on the credit and agriculture committees.”

As part of the organization of the Appropriations Committee, Hyde-Smith was appointed chairman of the Legislative Power Subcommittee which has jurisdiction over the operations and security of the Capitol, Congress, and supporting agencies such as the Congressional Budget. Office and the Government Accountability Office.

The Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources has oversight and legislative authority for national energy policy; federal lands, forests and mining; the national park system and wildlife refuges; American Indian Affairs, American Territories and Island Possessions; and water resources.

“As a new member of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, I look forward to working on legislation and policies related to preserving Mississippi’s bountiful natural resources and promoting responsible energy policy.” , Hyde-Smith said.

The assignments of the sub-committees will be determined by the various committees in the near future.

o Legislative Branch Appropriations Subcommittee: https://www.appropriations.senate.gov/subcommittees/legislative-branch

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