High Command will soon decide on Rajasthan: Acharya Pramod of Congress


Congress leader Acharya Pramod Krishnam, considered close to former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot, said on Saturday that the party’s high command would make a decision in the context of Rajasthan.

The statement came days after Pilot raised eyebrows at Modi’s ‘praise’ for Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and also pushed Congress to end the ‘state of indecision’ over the minister’s post. chief.

“The political scenario in Rajasthan is in the view of the party high command, which is going to make a decision very soon,” Krishnam told reporters after meeting Assembly Speaker CP Joshi during his visit to Jaipur.

He said the decision would be in the best interests of the party and that every member of Congress would respect the decision.

Earlier, Krishnam had made statements in favor of Pilot.

There has been a state of cold war between Gehlot and Pilot over the post of Chief Minister and the acrimony between the two intensified after Pilot and 18 other MPs rebelled against Gehlot’s leadership in July 2020 .

Another political crisis erupted in the state in September when Gehlot loyalists held a meeting at Minister Shanti Dhariwal’s house instead of attending a Congress Legislative Party (CLP) meeting and tendered their resignation to the President against any party decision to make Pilot the new CM. .

The CLP meeting was convened at the chief minister’s residence on September 25 and was seen as an exercise to change the chief minister ahead of the election to choose the chairman of the party, for which Gehlot was the favourite.

The CLP meeting could not take place as Gehlot’s loyal deputies held a separate meeting and tendered their resignation to Joshi.

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