Gujarat sinkhole tragedy: Congress calls for investigation by sitting HCNew De’ judge

On Friday, Congress alleged that the illicit alcohol trade was ‘thriving’ in Gujarat under the protection of ‘ruling forces’ and demanded an investigation by a sitting High Court judge into the deaths of more than 40 people due to the consumption of fake alcohol. .

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi expressed concern over the trafficking of fake alcohol and drugs in the BJP-ruled state, and asked what forces in power were protecting the “mafias” involved.

Forty-two people from Botad and neighboring district of Ahmedabad have died so far after consuming the fake alcohol on July 25, while 97 people are still admitted to hospitals in Bhavnagar, Botad and Ahmedabad, according to the Minister of Health. State of Gujarat for Home Harsh Sanghavi.

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also attacked the BJP for the deaths from fake alcohol consumption and asked who was responsible.

“By putting the prohibition label on top, who are the government people protecting the illicit liquor trade,” she asked.

”The land of Bapu wants answers to these questions. BJP government shuns issues of protecting illicit liquor trade,’ Priyanka Gandhi said in a Hindi tweet.

Addressing a press conference at the AICC headquarters here, the head of the Congress media department, Pawan Khera, and Rajya Sabha member, Amee Yajnik, urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak out on fake liquor deaths and to meet the families of the victims during his visit to Gujarat on Friday.

Khera said that it emerged that 600 liters of “methyl alcohol” (methanol) had been brought from Ahmedabad to Botad district, after which water was mixed there and sold in different areas due to which people lost their lives or suffered from kidney problems. damage.

The production and sale of such a dangerous chemical should be closely monitored by the government, but what happened in this case raises many serious questions, he said.

All of this is not possible in a “dry state” without the knowledge of the local police and administration, Khera said.

Ruling party leaders, police and administration and the alcohol mafia must have been complicit, he alleged.

Khera said the families of those who died from fake alcohol said in the media that there was no ban and the alcohol was sold openly. “If we talk about the whole of Gujarat, then an annual illegal liquor trade of around Rs 15,000 crore is going on. Illegal liquor trade is booming from Modi ji village of Vadnagar to all districts of the state,’ Khera alleged.

He said the seizure of drugs worth millions of dollars and the “boom” of the illegal alcohol trade like this in Gujarat, the home state of Prime Minister Modi and the Minister of Interior Amit Shah, cannot be a mere coincidence. This is clearly an experiment conducted under the protection of the ruling forces, Khera said.

He said Congress demanded that the bogus liquor scandal be investigated by a sitting High Court judge because if the police, who are charged, will investigate, that investigation will have no meaning. “Most of the people who died from illegitimate alcohol consumption were poor and were the breadwinners of their respective households. Appropriate compensation should be given to these families,” Khera said.

He also demanded that there be better free treatment made available to those who lost their eyes or suffered kidney damage.

Yajnik alleged that illegal liquor joints are operating throughout the state with no action taken.

A police investigation revealed that a person named Jayesh alias Raju, who was arrested, stole 600 liters of methyl alcohol from a godown in Ahmedabad where he worked as a manager and then sold it to his cousin Sanjay based in Botad for Rs 40,000 on July 25.

Although he knew it was an industrial solvent, Sanjay sold the chemical to local smugglers from different villages in Botad. These traffickers mixed water in the chemical and sold it to people as locally made alcohol, police said.

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