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Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke about his work in the Trump administration, but he did not repeat his own flattering comments about Putin from earlier this week, when he called the Russian leader “very capable” and said he had “tremendous respect for him.”

Pompeo, who reminded attendees of his potential 2024 ambitions citing a recent trip to Iowa, said those who focus on systemic racism, not the country’s foreign adversaries, pose the greatest threat to the country. future of America.

“There is no greater threat to the United States than that which emanates from within our republic, emanates from within our school system, if we do not teach our children, the next generation, that we are not a racist nation,” Pompeo said.

Although Trump was not celebrated by most top Republicans on the speech program, there were exceptions. And many lesser speakers praised the former president, repeated his lie that the 2020 election was stolen and downplayed Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

North Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, considered a potential running mate for Trump in 2024, spoke about the 2016 presidential election and allegations that ruling Democrats “spied” on the Trump campaign. But she quickly pivoted to the future.

“We have fantastic fighters, like President Donald Trump. But he is not alone. The American people are on our side,” Noem said, touting his own efforts as governor to block pandemic-related restrictions.

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