Fix Congress Committee Launches Framework for Relaunching Special Assignments



Kilmer, who served on the failed joint committee, saw an opportunity for the modernization panel to harvest the knowledge, insights and ideas of his predecessor. Joint panel co-chairs Lowey and Representative Steve Womack, R-Ark., Testified ahead of a modernization panel hearing, and Kilmer said the pair provided a starting point for addressing a budget and process overhaul. of expenses.

The recommendations of the Modernization Committee on Budget and Supply will face an additional hurdle if they are ultimately repackaged into workable legislation for the House to consider.

Unlike proposals focused on House operations, staffing and timing, which could be implemented through a stand-alone resolution, legislation to change the budget and spending process would require approval. of the House and the Senate, as well as the signature of the President.

Kilmer acknowledges that this is a high bar that few bills crossed in the divided 116th Congress, but he hopes that the search for consensus and the commitment to find common ground presented by his panel could pave the way for new measures on these points. .

“I believe there is an opportunity to reduce the dysfunctions in the annual budgeting process and provide more certainty,” he said. “This committee, on a bipartisan basis, saw this as a tool to hopefully end the era of government shutdowns.”

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