Farm Bureau Launches Farm Mindset Resource Directory to Support Mental Health Month

In recognition of May as Mental Health Month, the American Farm Bureau Federation has launched a comprehensive, easy-to-use online directory of resources for farmers, ranchers and their families experiencing stress and health issues. mental.

The directory, which can be found on the Farm State of Mind website at, offers listings of crisis and hotline helplines, counseling services, training opportunities, podcasts, videos, published articles, and other resources in all U.S. states and at Porto Rico. Lists of crisis support, counseling and behavioral health resources available nationwide are also included.

“For too long, farmers and ranchers have tried to cope with increasing levels of stress on their own,” said AFBF President Zippy Duvall. “Our Farm State of Mind campaign encourages conversations about stress and mental health in farming and ranching communities. Spreading the word is so important that no one has to go it alone.

“This new online directory of stress and mental health resources in every state provides farmers, ranchers and rural communities with an easy-to-use one-stop-shop to find services in their area that can help them manage farm stress and find help for mental health issues. . Whether you’re looking for information on how to recognize and manage stress, trying to find counseling services in your area, or need crisis support, you can find help here. .

National research surveys conducted and published by the AFBF in 2019 and 2021 showed that a number of factors, including financial issues and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, impact the mental health of farmers, emphasizing the need to identify local resources that can help farmers and pastoralists. coping with chronic stress and mental health issues.

The Farm State of Mind Directory lists resources specifically for farmers, ranchers, and rural communities in states where those specific services are available, with additional listings for county and state mental health and other services. support in each state. Lists can be filtered by status and resource type, including hotlines, consulting services, and published information.

The AFBF partnered with the University of Georgia School of Social Work to research available resources in the United States and Puerto Rico and compile the comprehensive information included in the directory.

Farmers and ranchers are encouraged to share the directory with family, friends and community networks to ensure widespread awareness of the availability of these important resources.


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