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New Delhi: A day before Rahul Gandhi was due to appear before the Law Enforcement Branch in a money laundering case, Congress on Sunday accused the ruling BJP of engaging in a policy of vendetta while affirming that the former leader of the party “will not back down”. “

Congress has decided that all of its top leaders and MPs will stage a protest march to the agency’s headquarters here and hold a ‘satyagraha’ against what the party has called the Center’s ‘abuse’ of ED .

Congress leader P Chidambaram claimed the former party leader’s summons was ‘baseless’ and said it appears the jurisdiction of the ED does not extend to BJP members or states he leads. On the ED’s summons to Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi and Congress’ decision of a show of force when the former appears before the investigative agency on Monday, Chidambaram said, “I

speak as a congressman and advocate. The ED’s summons to Rahul Gandhi under the PMLA (Prevention of Money Laundering Act) is baseless.”

Emphasizing that the money laundering offense requires ‘money’ and ‘money laundering’, the former Home Secretary told the National Herald debt-to-equity conversion, which the lending banks do regularly, there has been no money transaction.

Therefore, how can there be money laundering, he posed.

“It’s like accusing someone of bag snatching when

there was no purse or purse snatching,” Chidambaram explained.

The Congress held a series of press conferences on Sunday – Sachin Pilot in Lucknow, Vivek Tankha in Raipur, Digvijaya Singh in Bhopal, Sanjay Nirupam in Shimla, Ranjeet Ranjan in Chandigarh, Pawan Khera in Ahmedabad and Alka Lamba in Dehradun – to express solidarity with Rahul Gandhi and accuse the BJP of indulging in vendetta politics.

Congress veteran Digvijaya Singh said: “No FIR has been registered so far in this case. There is no evidence… This is an effort to exert political pressure on Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. It is a policy of pressure. It has become the habit of the current regime to present false cases of political vendetta.”

Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Ranjeet Ranjan alleged that the ED summonses were part of the BJP-led Centre’s “tactic to muzzle the voice of the opposition and divert public attention from issues such as inflation, unemployment and the deteriorating security situation in Kashmir”.

Congress spokesman Pawan Khera claimed that the BJP fears Rahul Gandhi because he has the courage to ask questions. “You can’t remove Rahul Gandhi anywhere that’s why you are trying to tarnish Rahul Gandhi’s image,” he said in Ahmedabad. In Shimla, Congress spokesman Sanjay Nirupam accused the Narendra Modi government of “abusing” the CBI, ED and other central agencies to harass its political opponents. Congress also issued a series of tweets using the hashtag “BJP Vendetta Exposed”.

“When the truth starts to come out, so does the ED. But the truth cannot stay hidden for long because we will always fight for it,” the party said.

In another tweet, he said India was speaking out against “hate over BJP”.

“Now ED has come to silence that voice. But our voice against hate cannot be silenced. The fight continues.”

When the country’s “guardian” failed in his duty to protect the integrity of his borders, he sent the ED to cover up his failings, Congress alleged. “But we will not allow the security of our country to be endangered.”

In another tweet, he said Indian farmers had won against the “tyrannical government” and that Rahul Gandhi had supported them from the start. “Now

ED is there, trying to suppress the voice that supported them.”

A man has fought for justice for thousands of victims of “government callousness”, Congress has said.

ED cannot stop Rahul Gandhi from fighting for justice, he said.

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