Do you want to take out a payday loan? Check the validity

Chcesz wziąć pożyczkę? Sprawdź ważność dowodu osobistego

You intend to take out a payday loan and you start writing an application for it. You pull your ID card from the wallet, enter it into the application, but it turns out that it is invalid. This, contrary to appearances, is not such a rare situation.

To borrow, even short and small chwilówki , we need an identity card. This is our basic document confirming the identity, in which there are basic information, including our personal data, PESEL number, ID number and other data used for identification.

We use our personal proof in many different situations, including when we want to confirm the age of majority, when we enter into contracts when we are legitimated by the services. The ID card is also used to confirm the identity when taking payday loans from banks and non-bank companies.

Check the validity of your proof!

As a standard, the ID card is valid for a period of 10 years. Therefore, after 10 years, we should apply for another one when we see that the current one is expiring. Of course, we can also apply for a new identity card if our current one is already overdue.

So if you do not know when your ID card expires, you should check it out now. Information on the date of issue of the evidence and the date of its validity can be found on the reverse. If you see that your proof is about to expire, you can apply for a new document one month before the expiration date.

Will we get the deadline for invalid evidence?

Basically, this is not possible. In the case of computerized applications, when we write out the fields ourselves, we also provide the proof number in it. When you try to send an application, you may receive information that the proof is invalid, so the application can not be submitted.

In some payday loan companies, verification of the proof’s validity is carried out manually by employees. Then we will be able to submit the application, but then we will receive a refusal because of the invalid ID card.

In payday loan companies operating in a fixed position, the case usually looks like an employee asks the client for an ID card and checks its validity. If it is invalid, it may refuse to grant a payday loan. The proof of the invalidity may also be provided by the computer system after entering the proof data.

How long do we have to wait for new evidence?

The lack of a valid ID card is therefore a serious obstacle in obtaining both a small payday loan and a large payday loan for an apartment. If you want to always be able to get money, remember to check the expiry date of your ID card.

Waiting for the receipt of a new ID card on the basis of which we will be able to submit a payday loan application, it takes up to 30 days, but sometimes we can pick it up from the office sooner. When submitting the application for proof we can receive a special episode with a number that allows us to check on the internet whether the document is ready for collection. Then we have to go to the office and collect a document that will also allow us to apply for payday loans and credits.