Disappointing national results, Kerala exemplary of Congress policy: Shashi Tharoor


Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Monday expressed disappointment at the poor performance of Congress at the national level, while hailing the party’s performance in Kerala as “the example of congressional politics”.

In Kerala, Congress leads with 15 seats and behind one.

“Since 1997 we have never had such good results in Kerala. We are winning 19 and we might as well all 20 seats. The state has become an example of what could be the politics of Congress in the nationwide. I just hope we will be able to take advantage of the very disappointing result nationally, because ours is the right message for India’s future growth and prosperity, ”Tharoor told the ANI.

He also accused the BJP of running an openly communal campaign in the state and said: “The BJP does not win even a single seat in the state. Confident that it has won on the Sabarimala issue, the BJP ran an openly communal campaign; they had nothing constructive to offer. “

He also criticized the BJP’s five-year rule and said: “The past five years have been disastrous. Record unemployment, rising farmer suicides, falling exports, falling industrial production, 2% lower economic growth than before, so what could the BJP offer. They had no choice but this habitual Hinduism in danger, protect messages like Sabarimala. But in Kerala , this kind of message had its own limits. “

Tharoor, who currently heads the parliamentary constituency of Thiruvananthapuram, also exuded confidence in being the longest-serving MP in the seat and said: “In the history of our democracy, no MP has served this constituency for more than 12 years old. If I complete this term, I will be the longest-serving MP in this riding. I am grateful for the trust people have placed in me. I will serve them to the best of my ability. “

The counting of the Lok Sabha elections is underway for all parliamentary constituencies in the country. The first tendencies project an easy majority of his.

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