Congressional politics begin and end with a family, PM said at Bilaspur-Politics News rally, Firstpost


Narendra Modi also praised the Election Commission for its efforts to encourage voters and the important role it plays in ensuring the smooth running of the elections.

Bilaspur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked Congress on Monday, targeting President Rahul Gandhi and mother Sonia, claiming that “party politics begin and end with one family”.

Addressing a poll here ahead of the second phase of the state ballot on November 20, Modi also made a strong advocacy for development, saying his pace under congressional watch was “much slower” than under the reign of the BJP.

Image of Narendra Modi at the Bilaspur rally. Twitter / BJP4 India

Pointing out the Gandhis, Modi said “the mother-son duo were on bail” and criticized them for questioning the government’s decision to demonetize. Without naming the Gandhis, he said “they shouldn’t forget” that it was because of the rating ban decision that they “had to apply for bail.”

Attacking Congress on the issue of corruption, Modi also referred to Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s remark in 1985 that only 15 paise of every rupee earmarked for the welfare of the oppressed reached them.

Which “hand” (the electoral symbol of Congress) had siphoned off the remaining 85 paise, Modi asked.

Congress never had a leadership that worked with a resolution to “live or die for the welfare of the nation,” Modi said.

The Chhattisgarh might have taken 50 years to reach the current level of development if it had always been led by the party led by Rahul Gandhi, he said.

“And there is a reason for that. Their politics begins and ends with a family, while our politics begins in the huts of the poor,” he told the assembly.

Attacking the Gandhis for “looking for demonetization accounts”, Modi said “if the mother-son duo who were on bail for financial irregularities would issue him a certificate of honesty.”

“They want a demonetization account. It’s because of demonetization that fake companies have been identified. And because of that, you had to apply for bail. Why do you forget it’s because of the ban on the note that you had to seek bail? ” he said.

Referring to Rajiv Gandhi’s remark, Modi said that the demonetization “brought back the 85 paise who were disappearing” due to corruption.

Modi said people ask him where the money for development work comes from. “It (the money) is very available,” he added.

“The money is yours. It used to be hidden under someone’s bed, in cupboards. It all came out after the demonetization was announced,” he said.

Without naming Congress, Modi said its leaders were “out of touch” with the aspirations of the people.

“Therefore, they (the leaders of Congress) were giving slogans, but they had no policies and intentions to carry out. Nor did Congress get a leadership that worked with the resolve to live or live. die for the welfare of the nation, ”he said.

He also targeted the president of Congress, claiming that when Congress released its 36-point manifesto for the Chhattisgarh polls, “Naamdaar” (Rahul Gandhi) was called “Sir” 150 times, which shows that he is more important to them (the Congress) than Chhattisgarh.

The BJP is for development and it is because of this commitment that the opposition is unable to understand how to compete with the ruling party in elections, Modi said.

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