Congress targets BJP over Baliyan remarks

Congress on Tuesday targeted the BJP over an alleged video clip of Union Minister Sanjeev Baliyan making disparaging remarks against Brahmins.

Congress spokesman Supriya Shrinate claimed that the remarks made in the clip, which has gone viral, show the BJP’s anti-Brahmin and anti-Dalit mindset.

She also alleged that BJP leaders have made such caste remarks against Dalits and other backward classes (OBCs) in the past.

“Uttar Pradesh government, central government and BJP leadership should apologize for the disgraceful remarks made by the Union minister,” she said.

There was no immediate comment available from the BJP.

The Congress leader said there should be no place for religion and caste in Indian politics.

“But targeting castes, slandering them, saying the kinds of things the BJP is saying, I think that’s extremely, extremely shameful and we definitely condemn it in the strongest possible way,” she said.

Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh will be held in seven phases between February 10 and March 7, with the results announced on March 10.

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