Congress of Deputies Committee Gives Clear Notice to Congressional Deputies Facing Indecent Assault Charges


The Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) has given a clean shot to MPs who were accused of assaulting a woman traveling on the train.

At the meeting of the Congressional Discipline Committee held at the CCP, the complaint against the two deputies received a blunt blow, considering the allegations to be false. Chandraprabhash Shekhar, Ajita Bajpai were present at the meeting chaired by former minister Bharat Singh, Chairman of the Congress Discipline Committee.

The responsible Congress organization, Chandraprabhash Shekhar, said a total of 88 complaints were discussed at the disciplinary committee meeting today. Show cause notices were given to 44 of these workers against whom complaints were filed.

Expulsion measures were taken against 5 workers for serious complaints and not having obtained satisfactory answers. Disciplinary committee chairman Bharat Singh said that after the city corps elections, the disciplinary committee received many complaints.

There was a discussion about them today. Those who worked against the party were recommended for expulsion. Chandraprabhash Shekhar said those who have been given notices or expelled, if they apologize in writing and give assurances that in future they will not work across party lines, can be pardoned.

On the face of it, the issue of harassment by MPs shows that the complaint is false and that there is no evidence against the MPs.

The Congressional Committee is satisfied with the response given by our deputies to the CPC. There is no proposal to take action against the deputies of the committee of the Congress of Deputies. After registering the case with the police, this case is now before the courts.

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