Congress leader Khera accuses BJP of links to accused terrorism

Congress on Saturday accused the BJP of having links to terrorists and said the saffron party was playing a “disgusting game” under the guise of nationalism.

Congress leader Pawan Khera addressed reporters here as part of the party’s plan to hold press conferences across the country on the issue. The BJP has denied these allegations.

“The Congress party has never been in favor of playing politics on the issue of terrorism. But the way the links of terrorists and criminals with the BJP are revealed one after another, it has become necessary to ask questions and put the facts in front of people. Under the guise of nationalism, the BJP is playing a disgusting game to empty the country,” said Khera, head of the Congress media department.

The brutal murder of tailor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur in Rajasthan was a “terrorist incident”, he said, alleging that Riyaz Attari, one of the main defendants, had been a BJP member since 2019.

“In Jammu and Kashmir, a villager apprehended two terrorists who were planning to attack Amarnath Yatra. One of them is Talib Hussain Shah, who was an official of the minority BJP cell in Jammu and Kashmir. Even Irfan Khan, the alleged mastermind of the murder of chemist Umesh Kolhe in Amravati in Maharashtra, had campaigned for independent MP Navneet Rana whose links to the BJP are better known to the media than to me,” Khera claimed.

Earlier this week, Rana denied that she or her husband and MP Ravi Rana had any connection to the main defendant in Kolhe’s murder. Khera also cited other examples of terrorist defendants who allegedly had ties to the BJP.

The BJP was trying to divert people’s attention from critical issues like unemployment, rising prices and mismanagement of the economy, he said, adding that the saffron party wanted to create an atmosphere of hatred and seek votes by claiming to be the “thekedar” (guardian) of a particular religion.

Asked about the use of the term “Hindu terrorism”, Khera claimed that a former Home Ministry bureaucrat who later joined the BJP was the first to use it.

”The leadership of Congress is not in favor of this term. A terrorist is a terrorist. Terrorism has neither color nor religion. Be it Nathuram Godse, Riyaz Attari or Talib Husaain Shah, a terrorist is just a terrorist,” he added.

Refuting the Congress allegations, Chhattisgarh BJP spokesman Gaurishankar Srivas said he should first examine the actions of his own leaders.

“Congress should first ask (party leader) Sonia Gandhi why tears were shed after the Batla House incident… Who offered biryani to (Mumbai attack convict) Ajmal Kasab? Those who call the flayers their brothers should be ashamed when asking the BJP about nationalism,’ Srivas said.

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