Congress Leader Digvijay Singh at Daly College, Indore

Gandhi family loyalist and Congress leader Digvijay Singh finally spoke about the politically empowered chaotic decisions at Daly College and said that citing him as some bare facts about how the illegal orders were issued and the whole GOMP and the Indore District Administration have acted in the direct interest of the operation of Daly College Indore, one of the most prestigious public schools in the country.

“I feel sad because not only me but now our fourth generation is studying at this school of which I am a patron. My call to all. For the love of God, keep politics out of our school,” Singh said.

Here is his full statement:

“For the first time in the history of Daly College, one of the oldest public schools in India, government and police officials entered the premises of Daly College and disrupted the duly convened meeting of the board administration.

The SDM delivered a government decree, forcing the duly elected chairman of the board and one member to leave the meeting. What is the command?

It bars the unanimously elected Chairman of the Board of Governors Maharaja Narendra Singh of Jhabua and his son Jai Singh from being a member of the Board until the final decision of a complaint filed in 2020 citing the following rule.

I quote “d) Two parents of students studying at the College to be co-opted by the Board of Directors on the understanding that a member so co-opted may only remain a member as long as the student is studying at the College. It is pertinent to mention here that this clause is drawn for this category of parents only to ensure that any member of staff of the company and/or his/her spouse by virtue of their ward studying at Daly College does not become a member of the Council governors.”

Jai Singh was unanimously co-opted by the board in the parent category. Her son is still studying at Daly College. He or his wife are not on staff at Daly College. As a member of the Board of Governors, he receives no salary. These are bare facts of the case.

So under what rule did the record companies and society issue the above order?

This is a totally illegal and politically motivated order. I am sure that this illegal order challenged in the right forum would be overturned.

I also believe that the agenda before the Board of Directors meeting of 06/04/2022 was ignored and that some important points of the agenda of the Ex concerning the functioning of the school were taken.

Some of us who are in politics have kept politics off the premises of Daly College. As far as Daly College is concerned, we are all former Dalians and not from Congress or BJP or any other party. It is only recently that all the deputies belonging to different political parties elected in the current assembly of deputies have been honored by the school. There has always been a spirit of good nature among us. So why use political power to get into the operation of Daly College for personal gain?

The prestige of Daly College has certainly gone down. As a member of a family of which four generations have studied at Daly College and as a patron of this great institution, I feel sad and disappointed.

By this action Daly College and the name of its Board of Trustees were tarnished. There is no doubt about that.

And why?

Prestige? Ego? Financial gains? Personal ambitions? Political ambitions? I do not know. I am sorry that the name and prestige of an educational institution like Daly College should have been and should be above all, for all of us, former parents of Dalians and supporters of Daly College.

I’m told the flashpoint was the current director’s extension. If so, the council had full jurisdiction to decide one way or another, but why bring the police and SDM into the affairs of Daly College? This may sound distasteful to some, but I strongly condemn this totally illegal action by the Registry Companies and the Company Government of Madhya Pradesh and the conduct of the Indore District Administration who acted in the most arbitrary manner and authoritarian. All those associated with Daly College who encouraged this, I hold responsible for making Daly College a laughing stock in the public eye.

I strongly appeal to all who have love and affection for the school, please do not let Daly College become a political battleground. Sit down to dinner and work out your differences, but for God’s sake, don’t spoil the prestige of a 150-plus-year-old institution for personal gain.

What had happened at Daly College?

Daly College has banned current President Narendra Singh Jhabua and his son Jai Singh Jhabua from serving on the board.

It was part of a chaotic drama in DC, after the lawsuit was filed with the record firm and society.

Sathbir Singh Bhatia had filed a complaint against Jhabua. The complaint was raised citing that Jhabua illegally brought his son to the BOG. The complaint was raised in Bhopal. After the process of investigating and analyzing the complaint, the clerk ordered the school to take action.

Following the Registrar’s direction, the BOG banned current President Narendra Singh Jhabua and his son Jai Singh Jhabua from appearing on the Board of Governors.

Maharaj Vikram Singh Puar (Dewas) was elected Chairman of the Board. He previously held the position of Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Rajyavardhan Singh Narsingh Gargh was elected Vice President.

Sanjay Pahwa was nominated by the parents.

The new manager came from Dehradun

As part of the ongoing process of hiring directors, the current director Neeraj Kumar Bedhotiya had completed his five-year term. As the term was coming to an end, the BOG originally planned to extend Bedhotiya’s term. However, after this complaint and citing political inclination, the BOG did not extend its term.

Bedhotiya’s tenure at DC has been drunk from the very beginning. There was another issue in which Jhabua and Bedhotiya had a clash before. However, the school issued a clarification at the time.

Bedhotiya finally bid farewell to the school as the BOG did not renew his term. The BOG has temporarily given the responsibility of director to the current deputy director.

In line with the decision of the meeting, the BOG appointed Gurmeet Kaur Bindra, an educator from Dehradun, as the new director of DC.

Why the hubbub?

The BOG thought DC’s BOG was being subdued by Congress. Both Jhabua and his son have deep roots in Congress. Therefore, the members of the ODA decided to elevate the power of the BJP.

Both the new president and the new vice president have a strong hold and affinity with the BJP.

Therefore, all the fuss was a political squabble to up the power of the BJP in one of the oldest DC schools in 100 years.

The new modified BOG is bound to bring more changes to DC’s status quo now.

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Posted: Saturday, April 09, 2022, 11:47 a.m. IST

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