Congress and BJP to raise issue of Archana Nag blackmail in Assembly


Congress Legislative Party leader Narasingha Mishra said on Monday the party would raise the Archana Nag blackmail case in the winter session of the state assembly and demanded a response from the chief minister. Naveen Patnaik on the arrest of a defendant by the ED when the Odisha police failed to catch him. .

The Law Enforcement Directorate is said to have informed the Black Money Special Investigation Team (SIT) that they have traced financial transactions amounting to Rs 20 crore in the blackmailer case, Mishra told reporters.

He said the ED also arrested a defendant who was reportedly released by Odisha Police.

”It proves that the Odisha Police are protecting those involved in the racketeering. Someone who was spared by the police has now been arrested by the ED immediately after they opened an investigation into the case,’ Mishra said.

The CLP leader was apparently referring to the arrest of Khageswar Patra, a business partner of Archana and her husband Jagabandhu Chand. The ED must not have arrested the accused without sufficient evidence, he said.

“Therefore, I demand a response from the chief minister on how the state police spared those involved in the racketeering,” Mishra said, alleging that many ruling party leaders were linked to the woman. who allegedly blackmailed wealthy and influential people.

Referring to the chit fund case, the head of the CLP said that most of the people involved in the singing woman case are also involved in the chit fund case. While the BJD is the ruling party in Odisha, the BJP is ruling in the Center and the two are like two sides of the same coin.

”Who will catch the culprit? However, there is a silver lining. The black money SIT became aware of the matter and ordered the income tax department to investigate,’ he said.

Meanwhile, BJP Chief Whip in Odisha Assembly Mohan Majhi said his party will step up the issue of Archana Nag in the Assembly. Majhi said BJP activists across the state have been waving demanding actions against those involved in the case. The party is calling for a CBI investigation into the incident as the Odisha police were not competent to investigate the case involving ruling party leaders, he said.


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