Cong slams BJP’s willingness to ‘flirt’ with anti-nationals

Accusing the BJP of showing a ‘disturbing willingness to flirt with anti-national forces’, Congress on Tuesday blamed the silence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Interior Minister Amit Shah on ties suspected of two terrorists arrested with the ruling party.

Congress spokesman Pawan Khera alleged the BJP was engaging in ‘false nationalism’, remarks coming amid alleged links to Udaipur tailor Kanhaiya Lal’s killer Riyaz Attari and terrorist Lashkar -e-Taiba (LeT) Talib Hussain Shah with the BJP.

He said two incidents last week exposed the BJP’s “two-facedness”, after Attari and Shah, who were captured by villagers in Jammu and Kashmir’s Reasi district, were accused of be associated with the ruling Center Party. Their photographs with BJP leaders have gone viral on social media, he said.

Khera also asked how Talib Hussain Shah, who was planning to attack the Amarnath Yatra in Kashmir, was seen in a photo with Amit Shah. He wonders if it is not a security breach.

A photograph tweeted by the Jammu and Kashmir Congress Unit showed a bearded man standing among people at a meeting attended by Amit Shah, who some claimed was Talib, the alleged mastermind of the bombings in series at Rajouri.

“It is shocking that the BJP, a party that wastes no opportunity to preach nationalism to Indians, has members and officials deeply involved in violent anti-national activities,” Khera told reporters, adding that he s These were worrying cases. .

Jammu and Kashmir Police Chief Dilbag Singh said on Monday that Talib Hussain Shah was briefly associated with a political party and also posed as a journalist.

The BJP had denied claims that the arrested LeT terrorist was its member.

JK party spokesman Abhinav Sharma claimed on Monday that Talib Hussain Shah went to the party headquarters while impersonating a journalist from a news portal to carry out reconnaissance at the request of his managers across the border to target the BJP leadership.

He had also dismissed claims that Shah was the IT manager for JK’s minority cell.

Khera claimed that the NIA, the federal counterterrorism investigation agency, had confirmed the association of former BJP leader and ex-sarpanch Tariq Ahmad Mir with terrorists. Mir, arrested two years ago for allegedly providing weapons to Hizbul Mujahideen commander Naveed Babu, has been accused of being an associate of Dy SP Davinder Singh. Naveed Babu had previously been arrested along with Davinder Singh who himself had been accused of supplying weapons to terrorists, he said.

The truth would have come out if the investigation into the Davinder Singh case had been completed, but was halted halfway, the congressional spokesman claimed.

”Will the Prime Minister open his mouth? Will the Minister of the Interior come out and give the country some clarification? What were these terrorists doing in the BJP? What were you doing with those BJP terrorists?” he asked. The Congress leader wondered what kind of ideology finds room for both Nupur Sharma and Riyaz Attari, and one that welcomes radicals like Talib Hussain Shah.

Rajasthan Police’s SIT claimed that one of Kanhaiya Lal’s two killers was linked to Pakistan-based Dawat-e-Islami. ”Is the BJP inspired by the alliance between the Hindu Mahasabha and the Muslim League in which extremists of all religions banded together to prevent nationalist forces like Congress from coming to power? “We call on the people of India to see through the BJP’s false nationalism and its disturbing willingness to flirt with anti-national forces,” Khera said.

He also criticized the BJP for its “atmanirbhar” slogan while linking the party to terrorists and fringe elements. “To enter the mainstream, how many fringe elements do you have? Nupur Sharma belongs to you, Riyaz Attari belongs to you, Talib Hussain belongs to you, this is a true atmanirbhar party, self-sufficient. Terrorists belong to you, you have money to finance terrorism, you give tickets to terrorists, you give positions to terrorists in your party,” he alleged.

Khera also said that Congress Rajasthan Unit Chairman Govind Singh Dotasara wrote to the head of the NIA to draw his attention to the new facts that have emerged, ”in which terrorist Riyaz Attari was clearly identified as a member of the BJP, not only participating in their various programs, but photographs from the day he joined the party in November 2019 have emerged.

The Congress leader said Dotasara had asked the NIA to investigate this aspect of the terrorist incident in Udaipur.

Asked about a poster outside the Congress office showing a terrorist with BJP leaders, Khera said he had not seen it yet.

”I don’t know who put up the poster, but I have to tell you that we owe it (to expose the BJP) to this country. It is in order to save this country from these so-called pseudo-nationalists, that every Indian must be informed of the truth about these terrorist episodes. We’ll keep exposing them, unless they come out and tell us what’s going on,” he said.

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