Cong continues his attack on the LDF government following the remarks of MM Mani

Congress continued to attack the LDF government over the remarks of CPI(M) legislator MM Mani against a female Kerala Assembly MP recently and later against CPI leader Annie Raja, saying that the conduct of the front in power was ”surprising” and shows ”the absence of humanity”.

Congress leader and MP KC Venugopal told TV station it was ‘surprising’ how the ruling front and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan backed Mani after what he told the Assembly against RMP MLA KK Rema.

He said even the CPI remained silent on the issue and now even one of its own leaders – Annie Raja – has been verbally attacked by Mani.

Head of Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) and MP K Sudhakaran also attacked the ruling front and the chief minister over Mani’s remarks and their apparent support for him.

“Their lack of humanity is evident in their conduct towards KK Rema,” he said.

However, Communist Party of India (CPI) leader Annie Raja hit back at Venugopal, saying he should focus on his party and the situation of women in his youth wing instead of worrying about what is happening. in the left party.

She said, “Instead of shedding tears for the CPI, KC Venugopal should focus on her party and the situation of women in her Youth Congress. He should be more focused or concerned about Congress not going leaderless. He doesn’t need to shed tears for the CPI.” The CPI chief was addressing reporters in Delhi.

In response to questions about whether there was a lack of support from the CPI over her recent comments on Mani’s remarks or whether her reaction was from an individual point of view and not that of the party, she said that what she said was the reaction of the party.

She said she reacted, as did CPI MP Binoy Viswam and also the women’s wing of the party in Kerala.

“Does it only become a reaction from the organization if everyone reacts? If some of us react, isn’t that a reaction? “Don’t limit what I said as that of an individual. What I said was the reaction of a national party,” said Annie Raja.

She further said that issues such as gender equality and gender sensitivity need to be discussed openly in Kerala where the left and Congress have a considerable presence.

These issues should not be hidden away or discussed behind closed doors, she said.

These issues need to be discussed and debated openly and that would be the only way to ensure greater representation of women in parties as well as in the state assembly, she added.

Speaking to reporters in the nation’s capital, Sudhakaran also criticized the CPI’s alleged lack of support for Annie Raja, saying it was shameful that the leftist party did not support her.

Annie Raja had recently slammed Mani for her controversial ‘it was her fate’ remark against Rema in relation to the murder of her husband TP Chandrasekharan.

A CPI(M) rebel, Chandrasekharan was hacked to death in May 2012 after floating a parallel leftist group called the Revolutionary Marxist Party (RMP) in his home territory of Onchiayam in north Kerala.

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