Cirrus Identity Announces Integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory to Help Universities Meet Deadlines for New NIH Authentication Requirements

At the heart of this trust framework are national identity federations, such as InCommon in the United States and the Canadian Access Federation in Canada. These organizations establish and enforce baseline expectations for creating and managing user identities. More than 500 US universities have identity providers registered with InCommon. For organizations like the NIH, which need to enable user login from trusted identity providers around the world, the InCommon federation and global interfederation, eduGAIN, enables access to researchers from thousands of universities without having to independently establish relationships of trust with each individual. institution.

Given the savings in time and resources generated by this approach, and given the current pressing need to quickly launch new research collaborations, the NIH has instituted new authentication requirements that take advantage of the start of the InCommon federation. September 15, 2021.

For many universities, Azure AD is a central part of their identity and access management strategy. The Azure AD platform makes it easy to migrate identity solutions to the cloud and consolidate single sign-on and multi-factor authentication onto a single platform. To include multilateral federation as part of a cloud-based Azure AD architecture, Microsoft has worked with Cirrus Identity to enable registration of Azure AD-based identity systems in national federations like InCommon through Cirrus Bridge. This solution also enables migration to Azure AD SSO for applications that use the Central Authentication Service authentication protocol, which is particularly common in higher education.

“Have the Cirrus Identity Bridge in Microsoft Azure AD Application Gallery will enable many institutions to facilitate inter-institutional collaboration,” says Dedra Chamberlin, CEO and Founder of Cirrus Identity. “Whether campuses need to register an identity provider in their national federation or support legacy CAS applications, Cirrus Bridge makes your Azure AD implementation quick and easy.

“Cirrus Identity, with its experience in education and the Bridge solution, will help customers benefit from the trusted Microsoft Azure AD platform and help ensure federation with critical education federations like InCommon and eduGAIN,” said Sue Bohn, Partner Director, Microsoft Identity at Microsoft.

For more information on the Cirrus Identity Bridge and Microsoft Azure AD, please see the Cirrus Identity Announcement.

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