Chile and Bolivia will hold an international congress on lithium | News

During the virtual forum “Lithium Perspectives from Latin America” ​​held on April 13-14, Bolivia and Chile agreed to continue the dialogue on the use of this mineral at an international congress this year. .


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Sponsored by the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), the congress will bring together world academic and professional references on the subject and leaders of environmental organizations.

“Our countries are aware of the challenges posed by the energy transition towards renewable energies and electromobility,” said Bolivian Hydrocarbons Minister Franklin Molina.

He argued that more sustainable lithium extraction processes are needed because energy transition plans require much larger quantities of this metal.

“Regional exchanges and conferences will help design a sustainable extraction and production system that meets these objectives,” said ECLAC Director of Natural Resources Division Jeannette Sanchez.

Chilean Mines Minister Marcela Hernando says President Gabriel Boric intends to create a national lithium company that powers this industry with community participation and a lithium and swamp research and development institute salts.

“With these initiatives, respect for the oil reserves of our countries is strengthened and new possibilities for the exchange of experiences and knowledge acquired are opened up,” Molina pointed out.

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